Start of a New Era!


It has been YEARS since my last post. 

A lot has happened, some good, bad and great things, in my life and career. I have experienced a lot of things and looking back, I feel bad that I didn't shared any of it on this blog. 

Way back 2016-2017, I attempted to blog more (emphasis on attempted.. HAHA). I changed the blog  to - hoping that it will be re-branded as a "reaction" blog. But, LIFE HAPPENS. And I ended up prioritizing different things and taking different paths. So the attempt was indeed a BIG FAIL, and this blog has been sleeping for the longest time. 

But this 2021, I have decided to finally REVIVE it. -- FOR REAL.

I'm now ready to go back to one of my first love, BLOGGING. And to make it more special, I also went back to my original moniker: Ms. Mighty Mau. 

Ugh. Writing this post now, makes me feel all fired-up inside. I have missed this soooo much! 

But before we start a new era, let's catch-up a little bit, shall we?

Last 2017, I went to New Zealand for a vacation to be with my mom, dad, ♥ and the rest of the fam there.

Uhm, 2018 - 2020 -- I worked as an artist road manager for JONA, one of my closest friends in showbiz. Well, you may have seen her a lot on my blogs before.. and even after my last blog from 2016, I continued supporting her career especially when she moved to ABSCBN. But it was 2018 was when I officially started to work for her as a road manager. 

That was such a fun and exhilarating ride. And I do cherish the entire experience.☺


This 2021, I am starting anew. 

After having some deepest thoughts and realizations, I have gained a whole new level of self-worth. I vowed to  focus more on myself and my life this year. And with this, I want to take the chance to share as much as I can on this blog. This is a very personal space for me in the online world, where I pour out my heart and mind.

So, I want to thank YOU for reading this.

Cheers to! To more blogposts and more readers! 



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