If You Don't Know Who Arthur Nery Is... You Are Totally Missing Out | Love OPM

Where have I been? 
Why did I totally missed this one heck of a performer named Arthur Nery? 

As I said, if you don't know who Arthur Nery is... then, you're totally missing out! 

I found out about Arthur Nery literally just 2 weeks ago - on YouTube - and since then,  I spent nights devouring his music on Spotify, and I just can't stop. 

But today, it just hit me, that I needed to share his music to others too. Even if I'm pretty sure that I have a smaller audience reach than him.. haha! 

But his music is just sooo sooo sooo good to enjoy on my own - so I just had to blog about it. 😁

So, I honestly barely know the guy - but all I know is.. he's one heck of a talent. 
But here are some little things I know about him so far - 
(disclaimer: these are internet ready infos only haha)
  • Arthur Nery has released his album Letters Never Sent last 2019 
  • He's from Cagayan De Oro
  • He's a former call center agent (like me.. haha)
As a music fan, I would describe his music as a precious gem of jazzy and RnB fusion. His voice is this smooth & easy,  extra rich and creamy, velvety goodness. Not to mention intensely sexy too. 

Well just listen to his music and I'm pretty sure you'll be charmed:

My top 3 favorite Arthur Nery songs are:
1. Higa 
2. Life Puzzle
3. Cotton Candy

And mah guy Arthur also has a fresh new single which he released just last month entitled Take All The Love! I definitely have all the love for this song! 

So y'all know what I'm sayin' now right? 

And if that isn't enough here are some live performance videos to further drag you into the magical world of Arthur Nery:

Haaay, if only we're not in a pandemic - I would have always paid to see Arthur Nery perform live.. I badly miss live shows and concerts. 😭

Anyways, if you want to get to know more about Arthur Nery you can follow him on his socials:
Spotify: Arthur Nery

As always, let's continue to love and support OPM!


Musician Heather Schmid Returns To Mozart For Its Healing Qualities During Turbulent Times

Press Release:

BOSTON, MA – Many have turned to music as a coping mechanism during this pandemic. Aside from Covid-19’s physical health threat, people’s mental health has suffered. The fear and uncertainty has affected all of us. Music is one universal way to handle daily stress; and Mozart's music is particularly effective in promoting healing. Realizing how much music has been healing, uplifting and revitalizing for herself, classically trained singer and musician, Heather Schmid returned to the recording studio to produce a Mozart album in hopes of providing solace for listeners.

"Mozart takes time and precision, so I soaked up the healing, relaxing music qualities to de-stress during these turbulent times. Like so many other musicians, every single show, gig, live performance, and touring opportunity was cancelled in March- dead stop, so practicing Mozart every day started as a healing balm for me. I want to share that feeling of relaxation and calm with listeners. These are difficult times and listening to Mozart is a great tool to calm the spirit and uplift the soul.” 

There are many studies that proves how Classical Music can reduce stress, help you relax, and fight depression. And specifically, Mozart’s music can also help to boost your memory; make you more productive, creative and happy. As a classically trained singer herself, Heather wanted to share all of these benefits and more to the world; with her newest album: “Heather Schmid Mozart Arias" which is now available for streaming and download on all digital music platforms. It’s a special four-track album compilation of some of the most famous and most beautiful Arias from Mozart featuring Batti, Batti, O Bel Masetto and Vedrai Carino from Don Giovanni, Deh, Vieni Non Tardar from Le Nozze di Figaro and Una Donna a Quindici Anni from Così Fan Tutte. 

Album link here: https://fanlink.to/HSMozartArias

Exploring more about the benefits of Classical music, Heather also launched an amusing and informative project called “Mozart and the Brain” – a series of videos that tackles how the brain responds to Mozart’s music – correlating to the famous term “The Mozart Effect”. 

Watch the “Mozart and the Brain” videos here:

Heather Schmid’s official social media accounts: 

Facebook: facebook.com/heatherschmidofficial 

Instagram: heatherschmid 

Twitter: HeatherSchmid 

Website: www.heatherschmid.com

Start of a New Era!


It has been YEARS since my last post. 

A lot has happened, some good, bad and great things, in my life and career. I have experienced a lot of things and looking back, I feel bad that I didn't shared any of it on this blog. 

Way back 2016-2017, I attempted to blog more (emphasis on attempted.. HAHA). I changed the blog  to www.riyaction.com - hoping that it will be re-branded as a "reaction" blog. But, LIFE HAPPENS. And I ended up prioritizing different things and taking different paths. So the attempt was indeed a BIG FAIL, and this blog has been sleeping for the longest time. 

But this 2021, I have decided to finally REVIVE it. -- FOR REAL.

I'm now ready to go back to one of my first love, BLOGGING. And to make it more special, I also went back to my original moniker: Ms. Mighty Mau. 

Ugh. Writing this post now, makes me feel all fired-up inside. I have missed this soooo much! 

But before we start a new era, let's catch-up a little bit, shall we?

Last 2017, I went to New Zealand for a vacation to be with my mom, dad, ♥ and the rest of the fam there.

Uhm, 2018 - 2020 -- I worked as an artist road manager for JONA, one of my closest friends in showbiz. Well, you may have seen her a lot on my blogs before.. and even after my last blog from 2016, I continued supporting her career especially when she moved to ABSCBN. But it was 2018 was when I officially started to work for her as a road manager. 

That was such a fun and exhilarating ride. And I do cherish the entire experience.☺


This 2021, I am starting anew. 

After having some deepest thoughts and realizations, I have gained a whole new level of self-worth. I vowed to  focus more on myself and my life this year. And with this, I want to take the chance to share as much as I can on this blog. This is a very personal space for me in the online world, where I pour out my heart and mind.

So, I want to thank YOU for reading this.

Cheers to msmightymau.com! To more blogposts and more readers!