Till I Met JC Santos...

(photo from abs-cbn)

I have been in hiatus for a long while now in attending showbiz events and meeting celebrities.. However, luck came to my favor as I got the chance to meet JC Santos.. A very promising actor who plays the well-loved character of Ali Nicolas in the Kapamilya TV series entiled Till I Met You.

He is definitely a talk-of-the-town, surely because of his outstanding performance of an unconventional role on TV. His talent is shining every night as he continues to impress the TIMYllenials, as they call the avid viewers of the show.

So, here's what happened...

I am chillin’ on a Saturday afternoon last November 5, when I saw a post on Facebook that Jona (yes... the BIRIT QUEEN Jona) will perform a mall show in TriNoma... (which happens to be my “go-to” mall since it’s along the way when I’m travelling from Bulacan to Mandaluyong...) Both Jona and her manager Mommy A are very dear friends to me (almost like family) and it’s been a while since I had a chance to hang out with them. So, I decided to ask if I can tag-along to watch her perform on stage again and to take photos of her too.

(Side Story: my phone is totally broken and I don’t have a decent phone to use, so I decided to buy an early Christmas gift for myself since I badly need a working phone and bought an ASUS Zenfone Max before going to the event venue at TriNoma – yes I know that it’s not the latest Asus flagship phone but hey, it is a phone that fits my budget and decent with its features... Of course, I will post a separate blog entry for my new phone... I just can’t help to share a little teaser for y’all...)

I went straight to the backstage area... and as I went inside the dressing room.. to my surprise I saw JC Santos with his gorgeous smile beaming at me.. All I was able to mutter was a shy “Hi”... Then I went to the inner room where Jona is... She’s still getting ready and glamming-up as it is still a little early for the start time of the show.

Jona and JC Santos staged a mini-Christmas Concert entitled Wrapped Up In Love for the crowd in TriNoma to spread the holiday cheers... Both JC and Jona was able to make everyone feel that Christmas is just around the corner! All the more reason to visit TriNoma mall for fulfill our needs for Christmas shopping for this season of giving.

Here is a photo gallery of both Jona and JC Santos in Wrapped Up In Love show:

Jona is hands-down one of the country’s best singer and I am still in awe every time I watch her perform live... I get shivers down my spine as she belts out her high notes! And this show is no different... She nailed it! (As always!!!)

Surprisingly, JC was never left behind on the show; the guy sure knows how to sing too! I don’t know about him much, but as per checking a little about him online, he is a theatre actor before he went mainstream... With his good looks, massive appeal/charisma and his overflowing talents...it seems like I only have good words for JC! And on top of that, he is very humble and approachable... Not everyone in the showbiz industry is genuine like that (if you know what I mean...).

Well, it's not that we got to know each other well on a very short encounter, but I am very happy to have met him in person (that's why I am blogging about it) and I am looking forward to any chance that I may see him, maybe in a blogcon/event in the future.

Keep it up JC... I think you can go far beyond what can be imaginable for you as of now! :)

Of course, I took the chance to get a selfie with Ali... It's definitely a WIN!

I would like to remind everyone to continuously watch Till I Met You weeknights on ABS-CBN after Magpahanggang Wakas, to catch JC Santos!

And of course, I would also like to take this chance to invite everyone once again to watch Jona’s concert entitled Queen Of The Night Jona this November 25 at the Kia Theatre! Get your tickets through http://www.ticketnetonline.ph/ or call 911-5555.For more info please check: http://www.riyaction.com/2016/11/a-royal-concert-treat-queen-of-night.html


  1. Wow! Lucky you! :) BTW you have nice photos, did you use your brand new phone?

    1. Yeah.. Lucky me! Anyways.. the photos are taken by my fujifilm x-m1 camera.. my new phone takes decent photos (13mp main cam and 5mp front cam) but mirrorless cameras are waaaaay better!