OliCity put an ARROW to my heart...

Okay. I know it's late, But forgive me because I have to let this out. I just have to... My heart can't contain the emotions, I think it will already burst out because of my love for these two awesome individuals, Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards for bringing the characters of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak to life.

A little bit of back story, I had watched Arrow before, but I did not pay attention too much because I was more hooked on some Korean dramas and 2 Broke Girls / New Girl. So to say, I got a few glimpse of the first few episodes of Season 1, and that's it. Let me emphasize that I was never introduced to comic characters in my entire childhood. I didn't even know much about the difference of DC or Marvel heroes and villains. I have been missing a whole lot, eh? (I kinda know a little bit now, Google helped me out... hahaha!)

Thank God for iFlix... a mobile app where I can watch some selected TV series and movies. I was able to check out Arrow again, and I did a marathon of episodes from Season 1 to 4! Yes! This time I got so addicted to Arrow, that for days it has been what I watched in the mornings, on my break from work and before I go to sleep.  I have been talking about Arrow to my friends, posting a few on social media about how I love the show... and other stuff that proves that I am becoming a huge fan!

I love the show, I really do. The thrill that the show can give is very fulfilling. I am amazed on how they stitched the present story line to the flashbacks. The entire cast is lovely beyond words (heroes and villains alike). They are perfect in portraying each of their roles! And now I am admitting to the entire cyber-world, that YES, I AM AN ARROW FAN. But going back to the main point, this post is not just about the Green Arrow or the show itself.

It is about OliCity, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. (now, I see hearts...)

When Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak had her first appearance on the show, I knew instantly that she is my new favorite character on the series. Thus,making Oliver Queen my second most favorite character on the show. Seriously. She was absolutely adorable and pure. She was the funniest ever! I will always burst into laughter when she throws her punchlines. And it was effortless! Well, I know Emily is putting a lot of effort to make it appear that Felicity is a natural. She raps! She's saying a lot of tech terms (in a very fast phase) that I can't even spell out but she's making it sounds like an everyday term, at least for Felicity. She's killing it!

Felicity Smoak is one very intelligent and strong woman. She may be mostly uncoordinated but she is very witty and smart that it outweighs everything else. She is definitely a vital part of Team Arrow, they'd be lost without her. More than that, she also has a very direct way of saying things as true as they are. She has a very honest and pure heart. And may I say that Felicity's undeniable charm made it's way through the heart of the viewers. No doubt that Felicity is a crowd favorite.

Stephen Amell had said in an interview before that the smile that Oliver Queen showed on his first scene together with Emily Bett was a total break of character. And at that point Oliver rarely smiles. But Oliver smiled at that very moment, a genuine and heartfelt one. Which was a total on screen magic. Their chemistry was instant! I knew at that very first meeting that Felicity will become someone very special for Oliver.

Stephen Amell, playing as a billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, had numerous screen partners... there were Laurel Lance, Sara Lance, Helena Bartinelli and Isabelle Rochev to name a few. But for me, only Felicity Smoak had the sparks. Even John Diggle (played by David Ramsey) knew it.

Oliver and Felicity shared a lot of life and death situation that proved how they really care for each other. As a viewer I can see how Felicity has been deeply in love with Oliver since then but it was a bit hard to see through Oliver if it was love that he feels for her, or just plain care and concern. Not until the final episode of Season 2, where Oliver told Felicity that he loves her to outfox the villain, Slade Wilson. At that moment I knew, it was definitely more than a show for Oliver. It was true from his heart. That moment definitely sealed the deal! OliCity just got too real for me. Hahaha!

And the OliCity love story has discreetly blossomed even more on Season 3. And I can't even get over the kilig feels. Stephen and Emily are so adorable on screen! As I approached the early episodes of Season 4, I can't contain my happiness for OliCity. They were too perfect for each other, that I said to myself that it's ok for me to be single for now as long as Oliver and Felicity are together. Hahaha!

But we all know that towards the end of the 4th Season, OliCity's romantic relationship also ended. Not because of the Green Arrow or the danger of it, but because of Oliver Queen and his issues about telling the truth. In my opinion, Oliver really came close to becoming a professional liar. hahaha! But I still love him despite of that. I know Felicity loves him too, but it's just too painful for her.

So, as painful as it is that Felicity and Oliver already let go of each other, I am not letting go of OliCity. Because I do know that there is still a ray of light for them. It is amazing how Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards had won Ship of the Year Awards for two consecutive years despite their whirlwind romance on the series for OliCity! The fandom has no chill! I am confident that with that much love from fans, OliCity will be back, I don't know when, but I just feel it.

Bottom line is, OliCity put an arrow straight to my heart, no matter what happened to their story and what will happen next. I am now a big big big fan of both Stephen and Emily. It is great how this love team is so real, no pretensions at all. They are very good friends and they genuinely have this strong on screen chemistry. A natural one. They are two awesome individuals, both doing so well with their crafts.  And as I am writing this blog, I must confess that I now stalk both Stephen and Emily on social media. I have been watching their interviews, their comicon moments, checking their Facebook and Twitter pages, etc... BUT I PROMISE... NOT IN A CREEPY WAY. I just want to fill in the gap as I am waiting (patiently) for Arrow Season 5.

To Mr. Stephen Amell, you are beyond gorgeous, (just sayin') but what is more adorable is you are a family man. It is inspiring how you evidently love your wife and daughter. And how proud you are to show it to the world. You are perfect in being the Green Arrow. Congratulations on 5 top notch seasons of Arrow. And I am praying that it crosses the line to more than 5 Seasons.  I guess I would like to request something in behalf of all Arrow fans... Please do more salmon ladder scenes this upcoming season. We miss it badly. Hahaha! Salute to you Mr. Amell, you have never failed your fans. We love you.

To Ms. Emily Bett Rickards, I admire you  A LOT. You being Felicity Smoak is one of the best thing that ever happened in TV history. No kiddin'! The happiness that you brought to the series is unfathomable. Felicity Smoak started as almost a nobody in the comic world, but now. She is a well-loved character, thanks to you. Honestly, I added another bullet point on my bucket list tonight: I dream of personally meeting you, someday.. Can't wait on what's more to come for you in the future. Please know that you have one true fan on this side of the world (Philippines) in me.

Can't wait for Arrow Season 5... This October 5! *happy dance*

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