MsMightyMau Missing In Action? Part 2: Hello Pinas! I'm back!

Going Back Home! Yahoo!

So, I really had a very hectic schedule on my last week in Dubai.. I was able to wrap up the Kapusong Pinoy Dubai event with ALDUB ME. It was a last hooray before my departure... My very good friends (you guys know who you are) kept throwing surprises after surprises for me on my last few days with them... It was very appreciated, as I always say, it's nakaka-artista. hahaha!

Last March 12, 2016 I flew from DXB to SIN to MNL via Singapore Air. I loved my "me time" at that point because I was able to chill and relax for the first time after that turn of events.. I stopped over Singapore only to have a big bowl of authentic Laksa, and that was successfully achieved! Hashtag Cravings Satisfied! Yay!

I'm Baaaack!

The plane landed in MNL March 13, and I was so happy because my nephew/godson MattMatt (whom I was able to see for the first time) picked me up at the airport with my Lola, Tita and my Sister. This is what I love most about coming home. Being with the rest of the fam...

I feel so blessed to be back home. For the 1st month of staying here in Pinas. I stayed home and I rarely go out. (That's so NOT me) And I did enjoy my "bum-self" for quite a while... I was able to catch-up with a few of my friends from the past too! hahaha! But I am overjoyed to see my BHEZ, my oppa bestfriend from S.Korea, Peter! Hahaha!

Friends are easy to find, yes, but that one bestfriend is really something rare and precious! I am happy that even if our vacation plans didn't go as planned... We were able to see each other, have good talks about life and laugh about our kalokohans just like the good old days! I pray for my Bhez to be successful in life for his future and for his family. He's such a good person, someone I trust so much and who understands me for who I am.

I'm also grateful that I was also able to catch up with 2 of my fave celebs EVER... Mr. Enchong Dee and Ms. Jona. Two of the kindest and realest peeps in the biz! They never forget!

Chong and a few our other good friends dined out last Holy Week (Maundy Thursday) for a quick get-together. It was fun and intimate! I appreciated that he gave time to meet us just because I'm back in town.. I'm touched! Seriously! He always go out of his way to make you feel that you are important to him as he was important to you. Such a very fine man! I salute you Chong and I always got your back no matter what! Love you!

Ms. Jona, (naks, Ms. daw.. haha) on the other hand, has always been one of my closest, if not the closest friend in the biz... We always make fun of me being a kaladkarin, or Dora The Explorer because it's very easy to drag me along to anywhere! Truth is I'm only kaladkarin exclusively for them, because  to be honest, Jones and Mommy A has always been a family to me... I am thankful to them for everything! I'm happy for what has been going on for her career and I pray for both Mommy A and Jones to stay happy and blessed..

Well, Alden Richards and I just met in Dubai last March so nagpapamiss muna ako.. hahaha! But I am looking forward to meet DanRich.. I haven't had the chance to meet my other fave, Ms. Erich Gonzales (and Danile Matsunaga) yet, because I'm a bit busy now with my new job. But if given the chance, I would love to!

*On that note, I also wish to meet Sue Ramirez in person... Sana.. and Maine Mendoza of course...

Congratulations, you're hired!

When I felt like being unemployed is already sinking in... And I only have a few bucks left in my pocket... I thought: maybe it's time... Time to look for a new job. Well actually, before going back to PH, a friend of mine had offered a job for me... However something tragic happened that's why it didn't push through. So I decided to check other options. Apparently, it will be so much easier for me to go back to my previous career of being a Call Center Agent. But this time, I said to myself that I will never ever go back to graveyard shift.

 (credits: Charm)
Thankfully, I came across a job posting ad online for a day shift account for a prime BPO company somewhere in Shaw Blvd. With God's grace, I was able to get the job (contractual) and started with training again in no time.. It was a good feeling that I am a part of something again. Honestly, it felt like it was the first time I ever get hired again. Just when I thought that I will never ever go back to being a call center agent, I can now say that I am happy to be a part of this industry one more time!

And this is why MsMightyMau is missing in action for quite a while now... I decided to focus more on being an employee for now, until I am able to cope up with the processes of the new job. I am proud to say that I do love the culture and the environment of my new workplace. Everyone seems to be supportive and nurturing... There's no wall to break, there's no wall at all... I am at ease and I am loving it...

What's Now and What's Next...

Having a new job in a new company made me strive again to be a better version of myself. I really do miss blogcons and events, however my current schedule will not permit these extra curricular activities yet. But I am not backing down this time. I VOW to regularly update the blog from this day on...

After all, I will not put to waste everything that has already achieved. I will try to go back in the circle as soon as possible... But for now, I will enjoy taking in calls and getting my salary every pay-outs... hahaha! Stay tuned in to this blog for more updates...

Thank you so much to everyone who have read Part 1 and 2 of this personal blog post... It means a lot... a whole lot to me... I am happy to be able to share a little bit of my personal life in the online world again..

And finally, for everything I am and for everything I will be, I lift it all up to You my Lord!

Stay MIGHTY fine everyone! Toodles!


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