Five months. Yes, it has been five months since I last posted an update in this blog. A long hibernation period for this blog site. Well there was nothing special going on with my personal life. I am busy yes, but it was a normal boring life.

Unlike before, back in the Philippines, there are a lot of things to write about. Events to cover, artists to interview, products to review, and the list goes on. So being a blogger was hectic, exciting and fun. But when I transferred here in Dubai, everything has changed. I am now living a corporate life, I am an office secretary and everything was in a routine. My life revolves at home, in the office and in my fitness gym. (Yes. I am working out, to burn the baby fats. Hahaha.) Far from what I was used to back home. And I badly miss it. Though, to be honest, I have tried to maintain a blogger status here in Dubai by promoting a few Pinoy shows here and there.

So what (or should I say who?) inspired me to go back to blogging? It's Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub! (And if ever she's reading this... Hi Maine.. I'm a FAN..) As you may know, she's the latest phenomenal star in the Philippines. So anyways, I loved her even more when I discovered that she's also a blogger. (Please do check out her blog: http://mainemendoza.com/)
(c) @mainedcm
Well, adding to that, I also thought that the 5 month-long hiatus is already enough. It's time to get back to who I am FOR REAL.

Now, I am inviting everyone to join me AGAIN in this blogging journey as I re-invent my page from a showbiz feature blog to a more personal "everything under the sun" blog.

Thank you! Much LOVE!


  1. Blogger ka din pala Mau! :) Ibilang mo na ko sa mga tatambay sa blog mo. :)