Erich Gonzales as Janine Arguello: The Fierce Kontrabida and Heart-piercing Bida

We now bid goodbye to the Pinoy adaptation of Two Wives, but let me say that it ended on a high note. It is indeed a talked-about and well-loved TV series on the entirety of it's run. Well, I was not surprised because I know how beautiful the story is, I also know that the entire cast is beyond brilliant. Two Wives has given that intense kick to our Primetime viewing experience. I know everyone will agree that this teleserye was one thrilling roller-coaster ride (in a very good way). That's why we all got hooked! I would like to deeply congratulate ABS-CBN, Direk Ruel Bayani, Direk FM Reyes, the entire production staff, the amazing actors and everyone behind the making of this series! A big thumbs up for you!
But this blogpost is especially dedicated to recognize the outstanding performance of my ever favorite actress, Ms. Erich Gonzales in portraying the bida-kontrabida role of Janine Arguello, Victor's second wife.

In social media, every weeknights, people are loving to hate on Janine in the series, that is a clear proof  of how effective Erich is for the role. Thus, making Janine a trending topic again and again. Janine is definitely one fierce kontrabida to remember!

Here is a recap of some memorable Fierce Kontrabida scenes of Janine:
Yvonne and Janine clashed in this memorable scene where Yvonne surprised Janine and Victor of an Annulment Celebration. The two wives had a confrontation that lead to an intense brawl. Janine left a mark with the winning line: "Ako na ang mahal ni Victor at hindi ikaw.. Wag kang bitter!"
Ooohhhlala! This is one sizzling scene indeed! This is one of my favorite, because Erich effortlessly flaunted on this scene for Janine. Janine said: "Hindi ba ikaw ang nasobrahan ng kape? Dahil sa tuwing nakikita mo ako, nanginginig ka!" Janine makes Yvonne tremble! This is when Yvonne had realized all the reasons why Victor chose Janine over her... I mean... Can anyone say 'no' to that beauty?
When the lives of the Two Wives were turned upside-down, when the mistress became the wife and the wife became the mistress, Janine said: "May the best kabit win!" And that marks as her declaration of war! Oh myyy...
This scene is definitely gripping! Erich was wickedly effective on this scene! No nasty lines, no catfights, no heavy confrontation... but that look.. you never know what's going on in her head but all you can tell is: "Uh-oh, this isn't good." Sneaky Janine! And I also loved the way she did her evil laugh towards the end of this scene! Winner!
This scene is a treat! This is what we can call as an acting inception... Erich acting as Janine and Janine acting in an apologetic break down scene in front of Yvonne and Victor, topped with begging on her knees for forgiveness.. Only for us to find out that she was faking it! Good job! Clap, clap clap!

On the other hand, Janine is also a rightful BIDA of the show. I am well aware that Yvonne (Kaye Abad's character) has won the sympathy of the viewers, but let me remind everybody that Janinehas her own bida moments that touched our hearts. She may have done things that are extremely unfavorable, she may have even crossed the line of insanity at some point but to her defense, she did everything out of love. And if fighting for the one you love is a crime, then let's proclaim her guilty. I must say that Erich Gonzales, gave her fair share of heart-piercing scenes making Janine's character tender, fragile and vulnerable.

Now here's a flashback of Janine's Heart-piercing Bida Moments:
When the blame was on Janine for Victor's accident. Her toughness was melted, instead we witnessed a pleading and begging Janine. This simply brought me to tears!
Who can forget this heavy scene? It was Janine and Victor's confrontation scene right after the funeral of their unborn child. This scene was so intense, Erich was on another gripping performance. Janine was wrecked but she swears to fight all the way for her revenge.
Erich showcased a heartbreaking scene of a mother's love. Janine was never given a chance to show her unconditional love to her unborn child. This is a tender scene, full of heartwarming emotions. An effortless tearjerker.
When Victor finally regained his memory, he went to see Janine... but not to get back to her, but to finally tell her that he chose to stay with Yvonne. This is one of the most painful episode for all of us Team Janine. That full eleven minutes of confrontation between Victor and Janine, where Erich definitely gave her all. For me, this is an award-winning level performance. Janine, crying out, begging for Victor to stay.. She was totally ruined by her greatest love... This agonizing scene heightened the show! This is when everyone had witnessed the true passion of Erich Gonzales for her craft. Exeptional indeed!
Yvonne and Janine, holding each of Victor's hands as he said his last piece. He was able to say sorry, thank you and goodbye to the Two Wives. Erich and Kaye were both remarkable in this scene. They gave a fair share of overflowing feels for this very sad moment. After everything, love still prevails for Janine, she said: "Victor wag mong gawin sa'min 'to... Victor parang awa mo na..." This time, Janine was proven to be equal to Yvonne. They were equally loved, equally betrayed, equally hurt by the same man.

I am a proud member of Team Janine from start til end. Ms. Erich Gonzales dominated primetime again with a role that was really different from what she has offered before. I would like to commend her for being one of the best bida and kontrabida that Philippine TV ever had! The scenes shared on this blog post are only a few of her highlights but I am telling you whenever Erich is on the scene, you will definitely be left in awe by how she portrays Janine. She never fell short of emotions, instead she gave her emotions so generously that viewers can't help themselves but to be carried away by her acting prowess!

I am praying for more projects for this brilliant home-grown Kapamilya actress after Two Wives. Ms. Erich deserves the spotlight. More people should feel, witness and experience that Erich Gonzales MAGIC!

This blogpost is for all the Team Janine who loved Janine amidst her flaws.
For the sweetest Team Erich for supporting Erich ALL THE WAY, we share the same love for her. Thank you for always appreciating my efforts for Ms. Erich! I'm honored.

And to Ms. Erich... Congratulations Janine! I am sooo proud of you!
It has been a while since I blogged. Working far from home got in the way, but I will never fail to share how wonderful you are to the entire cyberworld as my own little way of showing my support for you! Love you to bits!


*Photos used credit to abscbnpr and Erich Gonzales International

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