Pinoy Adaptation of Two Wives top-billed by Kaye Abad, Jason Abalos and Erich Gonzales

This October 13, 2014...we will witness as Kaye Abad, Jason Abalos and Erich Gonzales breathes life into the characters of Yvonne, Victor and Janine of the massive hit Korean Drama series Two Wives.The controversial Koreanovela, being one of the first that tackles the sensitivity of infidelity issues with a heart-quenching story plot. As I already have seen the Korean version, I must really admit how this series made me cry liters of tears. Now, I'm excited to relive this drama with it's Pinoy flavor!

The brilliant cast surely will not let us down! The fresh new trio of Kaye, Jason and Erich is surely one to watch out for! They will heat-up our Primetime Bida nights with the clash of the two wives all for love!

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Kaye Abad will play the character of Yvonne, a dedicated mother and the original wife. We all hated Kaye when she played as Stella in the hit TV series Annaliza, now, in Two Wives, will we hate her? Or relate to her?

Jason Abalos (being so pogi on this series) is the main man. Jason is Victor, his marriage with Yvonne hit the rocks as he met Janine whom he fell in love with. Far from his last stint as the fierce Ulric in Moon of Desire, Jason will now showcase his family-man side.
Erich Gonzales is Janine, a single mother and the mistress of Victor. Finally, Erich will be back on Primetime! After being Coco Martin's leading lady in the well-loved superhero-serye Juan Dela Cruz, and after her big-screen reunion with her original ka-love team Enchong Dee in Once A Princess... Erich is now ready to take on the very challenging role of Janine, being the second (but loved) wife of Victor.. same question goes... Will we hate her? Or relate to her?
In the original Korean series, Victor and Yvonne separated after she found out that he's having an affair with Janine. Victor and Janine got married, but unfortunately, he got in an accident that led to having an amnesia. Victor woke up remembering that he's still married to Yvonne and totally forgot about Janine. That's when the original wife becomes the mistress and the mistress becomes the real wife. Intriguing and appealing right?
I'm genuinely happy with the casting, it is about time for Jason Abalos to reclaim his leading man status as he truly deserves it. Kaye and Erich are two of the most versatile actresses we have in showbiz and having them both as the two wives, we can expect an amazing acting showdown every night! I believe that Kaye, being a homegrown talent can portray the role of Yvonne with no hesitations, giving generous share of emotions in every scene. But I must say that even if the series hasn't aired yet, I am already rooting for TEAM JANINE  (yes, with bias)... Ms. Erich Gonzales of course is my forever favorite actress and I am always excited for ALL of her projects. I'm really happy that I will have the chance to watch her again every weeknights on TV. I have wished to see her in a very mature and dramatic role on TV and I know that her character as Janine will give her the spotlight to show her exquisite acting prowess! Watch Two Wives and you will be left in awe by her. Even before Two Wives, I have been and I will always be proud of Ms. Erich Gonzales!

So I am inviting everyone to show your love and support to Two Wives as they will air their pilot episode this October 13, 2014 and continue watching it every weeknights in ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. Directed by one of the best directors, Direk FM Reyes, I am confident that the Pinoy version will get you as hooked as you were with the Koreanovela.

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