Jonalyn Viray dares to be Fearless... The Repeat this November 14, 2014!

The Fearless Diva is unstoppable! Staging a repeat of her famed and well-praised solo concert, the Soul Princess is ready for another round, to show everyone what she's got! Presented by Jan Connections Event Management, Jonalyn Viray dares to be Fearless The Repeat will be held in Music Museum this November 14, 2014 - Friday- 8pm.

On this special concert repeat, Jonalyn will be joined by her guests, Kapuso Heartthrob Tom Rodriguez (who is also a charming singer), Thor Dulay from The Voice of the Philippines (the very talented master of soul) and Queen of Soul Jaya (yes, no other than the Queen herself). Just with this line-up of guests, the show gives a promise of full entertainment!
Jonalyn Viray has once conquered Music Museum last February of this year and gave a breath-taking show for everyone! Yes, I was present in the said concert, and I can still clearly remember that spectacular night of talent and music. And that's why I am telling everybody that you should not miss JV's concert this time...

Get your tickets NOW... call Music Museum at 721 0635,
Ticketnet 911 3101 or visit .
You can also call Ticket World 891 9999 or you can visit
TICKET PRICES: Level 1 Php 2,627 / Level 2 Php 2,055 / Level 3 Php 1,288.

I am inviting everyone to watch her concert as everyone needs to experience this Diva's talent! Experience her voice, her stage prowess, her charm, and many more in Jonalyn Viray dares to be Fearless The Repeat! :)

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This is more than just a repeat, but also it seems like it's the birthday concert of Jonalyn Viray. Yay! Advance Happy Birthday Jona! Yes, it's an early greeting. That's because I will not be there to personally greet you, and I will not be there to personally witness this repeat and that makes me sad. But I'm really grateful for our friendship. I am happy for everything that you have achieved and will achieve. I'm have been and will always be proud of you Jones! I will always support you in my own little ways... missin' you!

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