Once A Princess is not your ordinary fairy tale!

This August 6, 2014.. my long wait will be over.. Once A Princess will finally hit the theaters! Top-billed by the lovely and impeccable premiere actress Ms. Erich Gonzales together with two equally exquisite actors Enchong Dee and JC De Vera. Under the helm of the one and only Laurice Guillen; Skylight Films and Regal Films teamed-up to give a different flavor of mature melodrama to the movie audience inspired by the best selling book from Precious Heart Romances written by Angel Bautista.
My anticipation for this film started early this year from their story conference, this is because of my love for Erich and Enchong's love team.. and I was expecting the movie around the first quarter of 2014. Knowing that I was working on my papers to move (and work) to Dubai last February, I actually delayed it hoping to stay for a while until I can watch the film in cinemas.. However, it didn't go as I planned... the film was not released until it was time for me to fly off the homeland last April due to some film-making reasons that I understand.. But now, finally.. my heart is at ease... knowing that the film will be out this August 6!
My anticipation intensified upon learning that JC De Vera, being one of the most in-demand actors today, is part of this movie! JC plays the role of Damian, the husband. Damian symbolized how love can turn dark and bitter for most of us. Will love be the foundation or destruction of his marriage?

As soon as JC De Vera transferred to ABS-CBN and became a Kapamliya, I had a thought that he will be a good pair for Erich. Just a thought, that maybe they can have a teleserye together or something.. So, I am overjoyed when I found out that he will be part of this movie! Don't get me wrong, as I said, I love the Enchong-Erich tandem and this is still their come back movie after all, but JC is just the perfect third wheel! Nuff said!
The versatile actor is now ready to wow us even more in his most mature role yet. Enchong Dee breathes life to the character of Leonard Jamieson. A geeky school boy nerd who transformed into a fine bachelor you can't help but admire. Despite his success, he still feels empty inside. Erin was his one great love, his North star... and she was the one-that-got-away. As he cross paths with Erin again, did their time apart put out the fire for his love? Or will it ignite and burn brighter the second time around?

Enchong Dee has always been one of the closest actors to my heart. I swear, you can never resist his charm! But more to that, this man is one of the people I look up to because of his awesomeness. He may seem to be playful and sometimes child-ish, but he also has a deep, warm and sensible side of him. I am excited that his depth, warmth and sensibility will now be showcased on the big screen. Enchong knows that I was waiting for this movie before going to Dubai, unfortunately, all I can do for now is support the film's promotions even if I'm miles away and patiently wait and hope that the movie can also be screened here.
The Queen of Hearts (as EnRich Fans calls her) will show us that she was once a princess who can win our hearts as easy as 1, 2, 3... Ms. Erich Gonzales proves that her striking acting prowess and her royal beauty can effectively transcend in a mature melodramatic story that tackles infidelity. Far off from her "sweetheart" personality. Erich takes the role of Erin Almeda, a princess-like lady who once had it all, but life left her with no choice but to face the reality that pain is inevitable especially in love. Once A Princess is NOT your ordinary fairy tale. Erin, flawed as she is, will let us understand that even a princess is still a person, who can make mistakes and learn from them.

As I have said over and over, Ms. Erich will always and forever be my favorite actress. I am ecstatic that she's back on the big screen. Watching a movie once is enough, but an Erich Gonzales film is an exception.. She's the only one who can make me watch a movie for more than 5 times in cinemas! I am grateful to Sir Enrico, Skylight Films and to everyone behind this movie for giving the spotlight to Erich again.. She is worthy of a royal treatment. The PRINCESS deserves her crown.

To Ms.Erich, I am really really really happy for you! Oh well, I am a little bit sad that I can't be there to watch the film on the first showing day, or show up for the block screenings, or be with presscons/blogcons for the movie promo, but surely I will still support you in every way I can. You know how I totally believe in you and in your craft. I'm sure that the entire Team Erich is also happy for all of your success, and we are looking forward for more to come! Congratulations, your Highness! :)

Let me share the trailer for ONCE A PRINCESS:
The trailer itself made me feel that this movie is worth the wait... Direk Laurice captured the perfect emotions for the trailer to tease the anticipating crowd. The movie theme song Muli by Ms. Lani Misalucha is superb! The three characters: Leonard, Erin and Damian had their own breakdown scenes in the trailer that can easily break a heart too. Of course, the kilig factor is evident. All leading to the fact that this is a must-see film!
Please do support Erich, Enchong and JC.. Watch Once A Princess, showing in cinemas this August 6, 2014! 

If you are not my friend, I am asking you nicely to please watch this movie as it will make one person really happy... (me)
* If you are my friend, you are required to watch this movie or else, I will "unfriend" you... HAHAHA! 

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Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales top-bills the movie adaptation of the best selling novel, Once A Princess!

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