Pure Love: Pinoy adaptation of the well-loved Korean Drama "49 Days"

How will you know if love is pure? For sure, love is easy to find, but it is really hard to know if the love you found is pure. This July 7, the new Kapamilya TV series entitled Pure Love will show us how to value life and love. A well-loved story worthy to be retold, Pure Love is the Pinoy adaptation of the Korean Drama series entitled "49 Days" which was aired last 2011 and captured the hearts of many viewers and Kdrama fans.
Watch Pure Love's trailer:
And just to confess, I watched 49 Days, and that's why I am looking forward to see how the Pinoy version will turn out. Just by knowing the cast, ABS-CBN aims to offer it's own take on this great story with a fresh line-up of actors which made me realize that this TV series has a great chance to become a massive hit. Here's a quick character intro:
Alex Gonzaga as Diane
Diane is a rich, bubbly and contented girl living an almost perfect life until she got into an unfortunate accident and fell into a coma. As her soul is still walking on earth, she will have a chance to come back to life as it is not her time to die just yet. Within 40 days, she needs to have 3 people who will cry for her out of pure love and gather 3 pure teardrops so that she can wake up from coma state.

Alex Gonzaga is simply perfect for the role of Diane. Her bubbly personality says it all. I am happy that Alex was given the chance to have the spotlight. I'm sure that Alex's take on the character of Diane will be wittier, funnier, and crazier. And I am most excited to watch out for her dramatic side, the trailer already gave teasers to a tear-jerker Alex that we all have to see.

Matt Evans as Scheduler
Well, most of us is familiar with the term Kamatayan / Grim Reaper but this guy wants himself to be called as Scheduler. Each person has an allotted time to live, and he knows our schedule when time is up. He fetch the souls and leads them to the world beyond. Scheduler says that it is not yet Diane's time to die so he guides her to her journey of 40 Days in search of teardrops out of pure love.

Matt plays a very important role on this series. Pedro Penduko is now a Scheduler. Haha. I love that his "rocker" / "bad boy" look is also inspired by the original Scheduler of 49 Days played by Jung Il-woo.

Yen Santos as Ysabel
Ysabel is a person who is alive but is not living. Yes, she actually wanted to end her own life by suicidal attempts. Ysabel seemed to have no reason to live as her loved one already passed away. As she lives a miserable life, Diane will get the chance to "borrow" her body and use it as she search for Pure Love.

I know Yen Santos as a former PBB Housemate, but I am really excited to watch her as she takes on Ysabel's role as she will play two different personalities. The real Ysabel and the Ysabel possessed by Diane. I hope this series will open doors for Yen to more projects as I think she's a very promising actress.

Joseph Marco as Dave
Dave is one of Diane's friends who is secretly in love with her. He's a restaurant owner and he will hire Ysabel as an employee, initially not knowing that she is actually Diane in someone else's body. As Ysabel works for Dave she will eventually remind him of Diane as he continues to notice their similarities.

I am very happy for Joseph Marco as he takes on the role of Dave. I know that most will agree, in Korean Dramas the lead actors are almost perfect. Joseph as I think fits on his role just right, he's obviously good looking, but more to that, just based on the trailer alone, I can see and feel his chemistry with both Alex and Yen.
Arjo Atayde as Raymond
Raymond is Diane's boyfriend. He seems to be her match, her destiny and her one true love. But love can be deceiving. As Diane possesses Ysabel's body she will unravel the truth about her boyfriend's true motives for her.

Arjo Atayde, for me, is one of Kapamilya's outstanding male antagonist. Well, to clarify, Arjo obviously looks like a good guy, but he can greatly act and become a bad one on screen. I am excited on how will he pull of Raymond's character.
Yam Concepcion as Kayla
Kayla is one of Diane's best friends. They're almost like sisters. However, in life we are uncertain on when a best friend can become our worst enemy. Betrayal is just around the corner. As Diane discovers the reality of her not so perfect life, she will fight her own plight by borrowing Ysabel's identity.

I love Yam Concepcion. She is one of those actresses that can look fragile and fierce at the same time. Fitting the role of Kyla. I honestly loved her previous team-up with Ejay Falcon, and I am happy that I'll be seeing her on TV again with Pure Love, even if I know that I may end up hating her character. Hahaha.

Joining the awesome cast line-up are  Arron Villaflor, Anna Luna, Sunshine Cruz, John Arcilla, Ana Capri, Bart Guingona, Dante Ponce and Shey Bustamante. Pure Love is under the direction of Direk Roni Velasco (she's one of my favorite directors, promise!) and Mikey del Rosario.

So please do show your support to this new romantic drama series of the Kapamilya Network. Pure Love starts this July 7, right before TV Patrol on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida.

For more information you can follow @PureLovePH on Twitter, and ‘like’ the show’s official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/purelovetheofficial

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