Jonalyn Viray dared to be... and now she is... FEARLESS!

Jonalyn Viray dubbed as OPM's Soul Princess successfully celebrated her 9th year in the music industry with a jam-packed solo major concert last February 28, 2014 at the Music Museum! Well, let me put it this way, if you did not witness this concert... for me, you missed half of your life! Yes, this statement is definitely exaggerated... but I sincerely mean it... Jonalyn dared to be.. and now she is... FEARLESS!
Allow me to take you back a bit.. I just want everyone to know how this concert was produced out of love from people who really believed in Jonalyn's outrageously amazing talent.. I have witnessed some of it actually.. from the pre-prod, the meetings, the blogger's conference, to the fitting, to the band rehearsals and dance rehearsals... up to the actual concert.. Jonalyn poured her heart out for this show... her passion to give an incredible show is really exceptional. Everyone behind this show have given massive efforts to make it a show to remember.. and it was indeed! A BIG SALUTE to the entire FEARLESS team!
Going back to what I said earlier, if you haven't seen this FEARLESS concert, you missed half of your life... right? Of course, I will not let you get away with that... my blog post here will guide you to some of the highlights of the show... and as I know, you still have another chance to see it as it will air on TV real soon with GMA... but as of now, here's what I can share for you... :)
As expected, Jonalyn opened the show with a BANG! She performed her own original up-beat song (which is my personal favorite by the way,) entitled Hello.. connecting to Rhythm Nation as a mash-up! Jonalyn's explosive dance break got the goove pumpin'!
I know you want to watch the opening, so here goes a video clip of the performance:
Up next is a Motown prod, and once again Jona got her moves on for an all-out performance!
She sang Treasure, I want you back, Signed,Sealed,Delivered and the audience got more excited and she was as highly-applauded as she sang an intense Love On Top! Here's a video:
Then, Jonalyn introduced his first guest of the night, Pinoy Pop Superstar year 2 Grand Champion and OPM's Prince of Ballad, Gerald Santos!
Yes, I know most of us missed him, and I'm happy that he supported Jonalyn for this concert! I missed them singing together! They share an onstage chemistry of a power diva and a balladeer! Gerald sang Maghintay Ka Lamang and he performed Forever with Jonalyn... Here's a video of their duet:
If not all, then most of the female singers definitely love Mariah Carey, and Jonalyn does BIG TIME... She sang a Mariah Medley for this Fearless concert which, again, wowed the crowd...
A simply classy and fabulous production number. The song arrangement was really fascinating! Big props to the band headed by Sir Soc Mina! She sang Always Be My Baby, Dreamlover, Fantasy, Emotions and Make It Happen.. Here's a clip:
Another guest entered for a duet of the song I personally love... Almost Is Never Enough originally by Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes... Brenan Espartinez has been Jonalyn's Runner-up from Pinoy Pop Superstar and it has been a while that I haven't seen them perform together! Glad that they are reunited on stage! Brenan also performed a hyper Bruno Mars medley right after their duet...
I must admit I was looking forward to see this duet ever since I heard them from the band rehearsal. Jonalyn and Brenan never failed me.. I love how Brenan injected the RnB feel through the song.. and of course with Jonalyn's blazing vocals the song effortlessly aimed straight to the hearts of every listener! Heartfelt, warm and sincere... Here's the video:
I really wish for Jonalyn and Brenan to record a studio version of that song. Aaaahhh... Anyways, moving forward... the next segment is dubbed as the Gay Icon Prod.. well, y'all know it..
Jona made sure that she exposed the diva that she is with this chic and flashy song and dance number! She performed the songs On The Radio, I Will Survive and Proud Mary! Here's the clip:
The Kapuso heartthrob Alden Richards is up next. Alden kept a long time promise to Jona that he will have a special appearance on her concert.. I am extremely happy that Alden was able to make it for the show! This dapper added a plus for the concert!
Alden sang Story Of My Life on solo and he also performed Terrified as a duet with Jonalyn! Here's a video:
Then, Jona had a bit of an impromptu jamming session where she gladly and heartily sang a few lines of some requested songs from the audience like Kuya Germ's theme song, I Am Changing and Listen...
Then Jonalyn sang her own songs from her self-titled EP that is still available in all leading record bars nationwide! She performed Sa Piling Mo (themesong to mexican drama Lola), Nakita Kang Muli (carrier single and has been a theme to Kdrama Padam Padam), You Keep Me Breathless and her massively loved hit song Help Me Get Over (OST of My Husband's Lover). Here's the performance:
Jonalyn was joined by Pop Diva Ms. Kuh Ledesma. They have been together in a recent US Tour for My Husband's Lover where Ms. Kuh also sang another theme song of the show entitled One More Try which she sang on the concert as solo.
Then Jonalyn and Ms. Kuh perform an immensely amazing duet of Tell Him. A diva to diva performance... Ms. Kuh said that she was happy to perform with Jona and that she admires her attitude as a person. The two definitely shared an intimate bond and I am happy to see how an OPM icon like Ms. Kuh got Jona's back no matter what.. surely sweet! Here's their powerful duet:
Of course, Asia's Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid has stood as Jonalyn's mentor ever since she got a shot in the music industry and as Jonalyn celebrates her 9 years, Ms. Regine graced Music Museum and performed a marvelous solo prod of the song Araw, Ulap Langit...
And right before performing their duet, Jonalyn shared a real funny yet heartwarming moment with the Songbird on stage, let me share a video I found of their spiels before their duet performance:
Then Jonalyn and Ms. Regine sang a highly-impressive and breathtaking duet of a classic and well-loved song entitled Habang May Buhay... Seemed like watching over the Queen and the Princess on one jaw-dropping performance! Here's their duet clip:
After that impeccable duet, Jonalyn sang her winning piece from Pinoy Pop Superstar entitled Close To Where You Are.. it gave me chills to hear Jona sing this song again after years! Well, I would like everyone to know that 9years ago, I was personally in Araneta Coliseum and I witnessed as Jonalyn won as the very first Pinoy Pop Superstar Grand Champion...
I was one of the hundreds of people who watched live that night.. who would have thought that Jonalyn and I will become good friends? I can't believe that after 9 years, I will be there in the Music Museum to be a part of her Fearless concert... and it was an honor to be standing there for her. So before this blog brings me down to tears of joy... Let me share my favorite part of the night, Jonalyn's closing song is a mash up of This Is My Now and A Moment Like This... just the perfect song for her... this is definitely her now, her moment.. and let me tell you that as she sings this mash-up on stage, it gave me legit goosebumps! A thrilling and overwhelming experience... Here's a clip of this A+ performance:
Of course... a standing ovation was given for this hair-raising, heart-stopping and spine-tingling performance... And a shout for more wailed at the Music Museum... so Jonalyn sang the song Impossible Dream as an encore...
A second standing ovation from the loving crowd! A justified final song to wrap up the night... and that's another hair-raising, heart-stopping and spine-tingling performance in a row! That was one greatly hailed, highly applauded and extremely praised encore!
So, after checking this blog, seeing the photos and watching the videos, I hope I helped you not to miss half of your life, and instead lessen it to one fourth hahaha! You are still missing out because the experience is still different on watching a live performance first hand.. so, as I am certain that Jonalyn will stage a bigger concert after this... please do watch it live and support her... You don't want to miss her out again the next time.. I'm warning you... hahaha! As for now, continue watching Jona on TV via Sunday All Stars.. and watch out for the telecast of Fearless this April on GMA's SNBO!

Again, congratulations to Creative Media Entertainment and to the entire Fearless team in putting up an extremely entertaining show.. This is definitely a night to remember for everyone who has seen the concert! Thank you for giving your heart out to a very very talented OPM treasure, Ms. Jonalyn Viray...
And to Jona, I know I have already said that you are awesome, over and over. Honestly, you really are... Even if there are a lot of promising newcomers in the music industry or even if the competition is too tight between you and other performers and artists, I will always and forever take your side, no matter what... That's because you are simply uh-may-zing in your own unique way... you don't have to be the perfect singer, as long as you carry on with your luminous attitude and good heart you will definitely get to your well-deserved highest peak... as Ms. Regine said, your talent should be experienced by a wider audience... The Fearless Diva deserves more and more blessings as you're one of the most tender-hearted and good-natured person in showbiz. And I can testify to that...Happy 9th year dear! ♥
*Thank you to my blogger friends and for the great photos used in this blog. Special thanks as well to youtube users Yasmine Lei de Sagun, QritikoLTD and regine velasquez (RVFriends) for the great videos. I apologize because I only got real few materials of my own from the concert...

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  1. Thanks for the upload. Galing talaga ni Jonalyn Viray.. Looking forward to see Fearless on TV soon.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog especially when it comes to Ms Jonalyn Viray... so sooo teary eyed while reading from the start till the end... thanks so much for this! really love the contents and the pictures and the videos as well :)
    We will always hope and pray that Ms. Jonalyn's career will bloom much better and lets keep on supporting and loving her! :)
    God bless Ms Mau! :)