Benjamin Alves and Mikael Daez: The dashing leading men of GMA's Adarna!

It is really unusual to be with two equally smart and gorgeous men at the same time. Well, in this case I guess we got so lucky as GMA Artist Center made a way to put up a blog conference over merienda at House Of Lasagna in Centris for these two Adarna leading men! Yes, we have both Mikael Daez and Benjamin Alves on the spotlight to tell us more about Adarna as it will bid us farewell on TV soon. Adarna is GMA's prime fantasy series about "taong-ibon" top-billed by the beautiful Kylie Padilla.
Well, it was my first time to meet Ben in person, but mind you, I like him, not like as like, but I like him as an actor. I have noticed him first in the Pinoy remake of the well-loved Korean Drama Coffee Prince as he was starred on the show along with Aljur Abrenica, Kris Bernal and Max Collins. I got impressed as he crossed the line to indie films with Sana Dati and Islands. Kudos for that! Right then and there I knew that there's gotta be something special on him. Oh man, more than the good looks, and the killer smile... this man has brains! He's one brilliant, adept and crafty man! He is dedicated, being a human bird is not as easy as it sounds, on Ben's own term... harnessing on their scenes makes it "constricted" for him. Hahaha! And not to mention, he is a sport and fitness enthusiast. His devotion for his training is impeccable. I salute him for that!
On the other hand, Mikael Daez is not so new to me.. as I have already met him last year on a blog conference for his previous daytime series With A Smile... Now, as Mikael joined GMA's Telebabad in Adarna.. seems like nothing has changed.. He is still the same witty foodie I have met.. haha.. I actually kinda missed him.. He's such a fine man.. Last year, Mikael sneaked a shot of me and posted it through his twitter account.. with the caption.."So intense ang pagttweet ni @MsMightyMau :p dito sa blogcon ng #WithASmile" here's the photo:
So, meeting Mikael again, meant a chance to get a revenge! Bwahahaha! I sneaked a shot of him too and posted it on Instagram... with the caption: "blog con or midnight snack? @mikaeldaez gotcha this time bro! hahaha" Booyah!
Fun times! Well, enough of the goofy side.. Seriously Mikael Daez is an ace! A wonderful actor and an incredible host too! Not to mention he's charming and appealing as obvious as it is.. It was great to catch up with him after a while.. Mikael has consistently delivered greatness through his past TV series and now that Adarna is almost up, he said that he was happy to be a part of the show.
Both Mikael and Ben promised that their character's climax will be towards the end of the series so, get glued on your TV screens and let's wait and see on what will be up next for Falco (Mikael) and Bok (Ben).. Let's all watch the last few days of Adarna, only on GMA Telebabad! :)

*Thank you to GMA Artist Center for making the blogger's conference possible.

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  1. Aww. Thanks for the nice words about Ben!! :) God bless you!