Asia's Acoustic Sweetheart Sabrina Orial's I ♥ Acoustic 6 is now available!

And just like that, our well-loved Asia's Acoustic Sweetheart Sabrina Orial is now on her 6th I ♥ Acoustic record! Wow! I know we are all excited to hear her tunes of recent hits stripped down to an acoustic rendition... Sabrina does it best, right? So, Sabrina together with MCA Music, now offers I ♥ Acoustic 6 for everyone to enjoy!
It's always such a pleasure to meet Sabrina.. she has this bubbly and genuine personality you can't help but love. And once she strum her guitar and sing her heart out, your ears will surely be satisfied! No wonder she got a loving crowd not only here in the Philippines but across Southeast Asia as well, and soon... the world. Sharing the awesome tracklist of I ♥ Acoustic 6 here:
•Almost Is Never Enough feat. Myk Perez
•Wrecking Ball
•Best Song Ever
•We Can't Stop
•Blurred Lines
•If I Lose Myself
•Paradise (original)
•Just Give Me A Reason
•When I Was Your Man
Bonus Tracks:
•Treasure feat King Pichet from The Voice of Thailand
•We Can't Stop feat N'oil from The Voice Kids Thailand
Sabrina shared that this album is one of her most personal yet. Even the album doodle artworks and designs was from her! The track entitled Paradise is her original composition, which is a song about depression and lifting up a person feeling down. On a personal note, it actually feels good to listen to her album.. it's relaxing and calming.. it has tamed tracks to soothe our ears with acoustic music. The massive hits of today with a twist! I will now share some songs from I ♥ Acoustic 6 which Sab happily performed for her intimate blogger's conference:
Woah, I enjoyed her performances so much! I hope y'all did as well.. She can easily win a heart with any song, right? Of course, I would like to invite everyone to grab your copies of Sabrina Orial's I ♥ Acoustic 6, now available on all leading record bars nationwide! You can also download the entire album legally on iTunes:

Thank you to MCA Music, Pinoy Magazine and LionhearTV for making this blogcon possible!

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