Oh 5! with Alden Richards

Kapuso's Primetime Prince, Mr. Alden Richards took a quick time to share his Oh5! list! Alden sat down for a quick interview exclusively for msmightymau.com. So let us get to know a little bit more of this heartthrob! Check out this video:
Alden has always been one of the few artist I genuinely support. I must say that this young man is now on the top of his game as he top-bills GMA's new TV series entitled "Carmela" along with the one and only Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera. He plays as Yago, Carmela's love interest. And of course, you can also catch Alden regularly every Sunday in the musical variety show Sunday All Stars! Please support Alden Richards on his shows!
Thank you very much to Alden Richards for this rare chance to get an exclusive interview... Thank you for being one of the most humble and one of the sweetest artist I ever met. I know that a lot who knows this guy would definitely agree... Cheers for more success!

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