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(L-R Jazz Jorge, Eunice Jorge, Ej Pichay and Chen Pangan - Gracenote)
Hey everyone! Here's another Love OPM feature... and now the spotlight is on an awesome, impressive and ear-catching band, Gracenote! The band members are Chen Pangan on lead guitars, Ej Pichay on drums, Jazz Jorge on bass, and Eunice Jorge on vocals, keyboards, violins and sometimes guitars too (multi-instrumentalist). I am a fan of this band, even before they have released their mainstream album First Movement in 2012 under Soupstar Entertainment distributed by Universal Records. I started to be a fan since I came across their Youtube videos of some covers and some live performances back in 2010. I even said personally to Eunice that I am a big fan at the recently held #RebuildPH event where she played along with Tutti (6cyclemind), Kean (Callalily) and Kleggy (Banda ni Kleggy), I actually waited for her to get out of the tent just to get a picture of us. And then I came to realize that it has been a long time since I watched band gigs and I miss it, so I promised myself to catch one of their gigs... and it happened.
Gracenote posted on Twitter that they have a gig at 70's Bistro Anonas last Feb 5, 2014 and so, I grabbed my chance. Added to seeing Gracenote live, a big bonus is to watch Pintura, Moonstar 88 and Ney perform their sets too. I am overjoyed to watch Gracenote perform live! They give this bursting vibe of energy with their set! It was above and beyond what I expected. I have already seen them perform before as a front act on a Callalily mall show and other than that I can only watch their live performances on videos online. And would like to sincerely thank Gracenote for a SOLID night of music. I took videos of their performances to share to the world how AMAZEBALLS they are!

•They opened with their single Stop Stop! just enough to explode the music to the crowd! I love this song as it can easily make you get up on your feet and go dancin'!
Stop Stop! -Gracenote:
•This next song is called Knock Knock which is their opening track on their album First Movement and this is a catchy tune one can easily sing along with.
Knock Knock - Gracenote:
•Finally, I get to see them perform this song live! It's one of my favorite song reinvention.. I remember Youtubing for Gracenote's live performances of When I Dream About You by Stevie B and I instantly fell in love with their version.. it's way better the original!
When I Dream About You (Stevie B cover) - Gracenote:
•Up next is my fave Gracenote song, a very heartfelt and powerful rock ballad entitled Far Away. The violin does the trick, it is painful but enchanting every time I hear it. An absolute tear-jerker!
Far Away - Gracenote:
•As playful as the song goes, Play It Again is lively and upbeat. Chen's guitar riffs spiced up the performance and funny how Eunice mumbled on some to the lyrics on second verse.. :p
Play It Again - Gracenote:
•Before performing the next song entitled Kung Pwede Lang, Eunice shared the story behind the song, and after knowing what happened it felt like the song seems heavier and a bit darker to me when I heard it this time.. weird. 
Kung Pwede Lang - Gracenote:
• Gracenote also sang a new song entitled 11-12-13. Eunice had been generous to share that she composed this song about her celebrity crush whom she saw last November 12, 2013. And just right in time for the love month they performed the song first time ever at 70's Bistro last Feb 5, but as Eunice requested, I will not upload the video as the band will still be doing finishing touches to the song to make it sound better, but let me tell you that the song 11-12-13 is one hit song to watch out for.. you may never know it may soon be dominating radio airplays and hit charts all over... hmm.. just saying!

• Lastly they also sang Minsan Lang Naman, and unfortunately my camera's card got full so I wasn't able to get a good video of this as well but hey, you can see a lot of videos of Gracenote on Youtube performing this song. So you're still a winner! Haha!
Well, let me grab this chance to greet the band, HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY GRACENOTE! Without any cheesy-ness in here, you guys are simply incredible, fascinating and wonderful! Congratulations to how far you have already reached Eunice, Jazz, Ej and Chen! Hoping for more and more years of Gracenote! I believe in your music. I believe that you guys can effortlessly fly to the peak of OPM greatness! I'm happy to watch you perform live and I will see you on stage again on UP Fair! :)
To those who will join UP Fair on Feb 12 too, see you! And to everyone reading this blog post for Love OPM, if you haven't yet... please do grab Gracenote's album First Movement still available on all leading record bars nationwide or download it legally through iTunes:

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I am a Paramore fan, and I am happy to find musicians influenced by them!
Para-LOVE for Gracenote! ♥

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