Jonalyn Viray is nominated for Myx Music Awards 2014 plus an up coming movie and a #FEARLESS concert!

MYX Music Awards:
Jonalyn Viray came back real strong as a solo artist in the music scene with a new album and a massive hit song, Help Me Get Over which dominated radio hit charts and music channels nationwide. The song's magic worked out as a theme song to GMA's ground-breaking TV series My Husband's Lover. And now, Jonalyn is extremely happy that her song have made it's way through the hearts of everyone who listens to it.
Myx, the number 1 music channel in the Philippines, announced their nominees for Myx Music Awards 2014 last February 18 at K-Pub! Jonalyn was invited to perform for the viewers. Little did she know that she was actually nominated in not just one but three categories! Surprised and grateful, Jonalyn is ecstatic just by being nominated! To be lined-up with today's biggest names in the music industry and for her song Help Me Get Over to be appreciated in one of the most anticipated music awards every year is already considered as a big win for Jonalyn. Her music video for Help Me Get Over has been nominated as Favorite Mellow Video and Favorite Media Soundtrack and Jonalyn has been nominated as Favorite Female Artist!
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Here's Jonalyn Viray's performance at the Myx Music Awards Announcement of Nominees:
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Up coming movie - Cattleya An OFW Story:
Yes, Jonalyn will have her acting debut on the big screen with an indie film entitled Cattleya An OFW Story. A film about an OFW who became a drug mule in aim to give a better life for her family. Top-billed by Glaiza De Castro, Gerald Madrid and Tess Bomb, introducing Jonalyn Viray. The film is directed by Joric Raquiza and is produced by One World Films Production International and Rotary Club of Makati San Miguel. Cattleya An OFW Story will be shown in selected theaters this February 26, 2014!
Jonalyn Viray dares to be #FEARLESS:
In celebration of 9 years in the music industry, Jonalyn Viray dares to be #Fearless this February 28, 2014 in Music Museum. A concert that will take Jonalyn out of her comfort zone and will sing songs she had feared to sing... expecting a ground-shaking performance and a one-of-a-kind concert to remember. Some of my blogger friends was able to meet her personally for an intimate chikahan over dinner last Feb.21,2014 in line to promote her concert and I am overjoyed on how my blogger friends fell in love with Jonalyn's pleasing, winsome, and adorable personality!
So what can we expect about the concert? Hmm.. Of course we can all look forward to the power birit prods of Jonalyn Viray. Her amazing talent alone is more than worthy of the ticket prices! She will also give a taste of dancing together with one of the country's leading dance group: Addlib Dance Crew. Jonalyn's outfits are also custom made especially for Jonalyn from the one and only Nat Manilag! The musical direction is under Soc Mina. And her top-of-the-line guests are something to be excited about, she will be reunited with her Pinoy Pop Superstar runner-up and her dear Kuya Brenan Espartinez, one of her idols, Ms. Kuh Ledesma will also be there, and her mentor, the Asia's Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid will also be a part of the concert! Whew! I can't wait! I'm really excited!
As known to many, she really is a dear friend to me and so I am supporting her, all out! I'm totally proud of Jonalyn as her incredible talent is bringing her success that she truly deserves... I know that there is more to come for her as her good heart never fades. I have seen her sing and perform live numerous times since I personally met her last 2011 but I still get the goosies whenever I watch her on stage. So what are you waiting for? Do not miss the chance to see Jonalyn Viray perform in her first major-solo concert! Join us this February 28, 8PM at the Music Museum as Jonalyn Viray dares to be #FEARLESS! 

Ticket Prices are 2,000Php / 1,500Php / 800 Php
You can get tickets online through or call Ticket World at 891-9999 or call Music Museum at 721-6726. The concert is presented by Creative Media Entertainment

Here are some snapshots of Jonalyn Viray's album mall show at Robinson's Metro East last Feb.22:

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