Favorites: My favorite Beyonce song is...

So this new blog series will showcase MsMightyMau's faves in anything and everything under the sun. Oh yes, to kick off this new blog series called "Favorites" I would like to pay tribute to the one almost each and every man and woman admires (yep, including me), the Queen B herself, Beyonce. Have you asked yourself, 'what is your favorite Beyonce song?' I know that the Queen had already released a lot of MASSIVE hit songs, and when I say massive, I mean WORLDWIDE MASSIVE. And I figured it will be really hard to pick just one favorite, and I thought that it'll be my problem when I started writing this, but I was surprised to get an easy answer... My favorite Beyonce song is...
Ego! It may not be her song on top of your list, but hey, I love this song. Catchy, real catchy.. Queen B got me on this one... and it's not because of her belting out the high notes, it's just her singing. The sizzle in the music video is not that special too, Beyonce has most of her music videos showcasing her ooh-la-la dancing skills as well. But you know what I love the most? It's the tenderness of her vocal runs when she did the 'sing it with piano' part. Awesome. Simply awesome.

My favorite Beyonce song is... EGO! How about you? What's your fave Beyonce song?
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