Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales top-bills the movie adaptation of the best selling novel, Once A Princess!

The love team we surely missed is definitely back! Cameras started rolling for Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales' comeback movie! Yes, two of my most favorite celebrities are back as a tandem! EnRich is back! Their comeback project is a movie adaptation of the best selling Precious Hearts Romances novel entitled Once A Princess written by Angel Bautista. The movie will be directed by the one and only Laurice Guillen, produced by Star Cinema and Skylight Films!
(photo from Star Magic)
After their last TV project, the Philippine version of Maria La Del Barrio which aired last 2011, their love team took a break. Both have been paired with other artists for different projects in both TV and film; Enchong has been paired with Empress, Jessy Mendiola and Maja Salvador to name a few, on the other hand Erich has been paired with Derek Ramsey, Coco Martin and Thai Superstar Mario Maurer. Both did very well in their other team-ups and both have grown as two exceptional artists through the years.
(photo from Star Cinema)
Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales admits how being apart for awhile let them grow both as actors and as a person. Now, that they are reunited as a love team, they are truly excited! They held a story conference recently for the movie and here are some outtakes from Star Cinema:
Enchong Dee will play the role of Leonard Jamieson, a class geek while Erich will play the role of Erin Almeda the popular 'princess' of Gibbons International School. They will part ways as Erin will leave Leonard hurting and after seven years, they will meet again. Will love be knocking through their hearts the second time around? Surely everyone who have read the book will know the answer but as for me, I prefer not reading the book first. I want to watch the movie adaptation first before reading the book so that I can picture the characters as who they are in the movie as I read the book. And I want to remember Erich and Enchong as Erin and Leonard before I read Once A Princess. I admit that I am excited to watch the film as I am very interested in the story... Almost everyone is saying that the book had made them cry buckets of tears. Well, I do believe that Once A Princess is one great romantic drama tale that we should all watch out for. But as of now, here's the first look of their characters as Leonard and Erin...
(photo from Erich Gonzales' Instagram)
Once A Princess will be released in cinemas this 2014! The anticipation is getting higher and higher! I know that a lot of EnRich fans and supporters (including me, of course) are extremely excited! I would like to thank Star Cinema and Skylight Films for reuniting two of the most awesome people in showbiz... I am hoping for all the best for this project and I am in full support of this movie!

*To Enchong and Erich, I am happy for all of your success in your respective careers and I am happier to see you together in a project again... As I have always said in previous blog entries, I support you both, together and individually! You know I love you both, always have and always will! ♥

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