Sa Ngalan Ng Ama, Ina at mga Anak features the Padilla's next gen!

Action films are back on the rise! After hit action movies of 2012, like OTJ and 10,000 Hours to name a few, now we will be expecting another quality Pinoy action flick in Sa Ngalan Ng Ama, Ina At Mga Anak showing this January 29, 2014 in cinemas nationwide, produced by RCP Production and Star Cinema! The movie is starred by the Padilla clan, yes, the Padilla's legacy goes on with their next gen! The film features the Padilla youngsters who are all making their own names in showbiz headed by Daniel Padilla, Kylie Padilla, RJ Padilla, and Matt Padilla together with Bella Padilla, Rommel Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla and the bad boy of Philippine cinema himself, idol Robin Padilla!
The Padilla clan unites to give a one-for-the-record action experience in cinemas! The next gen Padillas are ready to show us what they've got! Sa Ngalan Ng Ama, Ina at mga Anak is based on the Kuratong Baleleng story. The film's intentions are not just to give entertainment to action flick lovers but also to educate the youth about a part of out history that most of us have already taken for granted... Here is the movie's trailer:
RJ, Matt, Kylie and Daniel together with Rommel Padilla and movie director Jon Villarin sat down for a blogger's conference last January 9, 2014. Director Jon Villarin said that he is grateful and honored to work with the Padilla family. He revealed that he personally went to Zamboanga to do a first-hand research about the incidents of the past about the Kuratong Baleleng group. He was also proud for the next gen of the Padillas as they stood up for their roles exceptionally.
For Matt and RJ Padilla, it was really a dream come true for them to have a movie with their family. Matt plays the role of Aldong and RJ is Ardot in the film. "Tatak Padilla talaga ang action..." says RJ, he is one of the most 'kwela' Padilla I've ever met... he even joked to borrow money from Daniel after his film Pagpag earned millions in blockbuster! For his being funny, please do catch RJ Padilla in Bubble Gang every Friday night in Kapuso network! Matt is more of the quiet type but still strong in personality. Matt said that the movie is for social awareness, "magbibigay interest sa tao at magmumulat ng mata, kumbaga realidad kung ano po talaga ang nangyari.."
Kylie Padilla on the other hand has been one of my favorites from the Kapuso network and I am happy that now, her first movie is action... bloggers even said that she is Philippine's Lara Croft. Kylie plays the role of Anna, the government's DPA (Deep Penetration Agent). Kylie is proud that she did all of her stunts in the movie, which is an achievement for a lady. Kylie said, "masaya sa set kasi sila yung kasama ko... iba yung bonding namin..parang feeling ko hindi sya trabaho." I have seen Kylie since she first started showbiz and I must say she is one of the few who improves in her craft, be it dancing or acting... Please do watch and support her every weeknights in Adarna, every Sunday at Sunday All Stars, and support Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina at mga Anak this Jan. 29!
Even if he is the next gen Padilla with the biggest name in showbiz nowadays, Daniel still keeps himself grounded as he said that he still has a lot to prove and a lot to explore in acting. But he also said that if he will do action again, he would love to work with his family in a movie again. Daniel said that he will always support his family's endeavors no matter what. Daniel, being the country's most sought after teen star, is now ready to fire the gun! When asked if he will make the same decisions that his character Nato did, Daniel answered, "opo, siguro po, basta para sa pamilya..." Please continue to support the Teen King Daniel Padilla in the hit teleserye, Got To Believe, every weeknights in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida!
Please do watch and support the new generation of Padilla clan in Sa Ngalan Ng Ama, Ina At Mga Anak, showing this January 29 in theaters nationwide!

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