Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez for Sa Ngalan Ng Ama, Ina At Mga Anak

Sa Ngalan Ng Ama Ina At Mga Anak opened in theaters yesterday, Jan 29, 2014. As most of us have been impressed as the film seems to be action-packed just by it's trailer, Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla reassures that the movie is more than just gun fires and explosions, at the heart of the film is a great family tale.
Robin specifically pointed out his personal admiration for the Parojinog family to whom they patterned the film's story from. They actually call it as a "true-to-life-fiction" same as how 10,000 Hours was patterned to the life story of Sen. Lacson, for the last MMFF. Now, Sa Ngalan Ng Ama Ina At Mga Anak will unfold a story that is not just by hearsay but is based on actual research. Movie director Jon Villarin did his firsthand research in Zamboanga.
Mariel on the other hand shared on how the Padilla youngsters has innate skills for making action films. She said that since they were kids they were all trained with guns and other martial arts. She testified how it was so natural for the next generation of the Padilla's to do their action stunts and scenes.
The movie itself will also give awareness of a part in our history. A film to watch and learn from. So please support, Sa Ngalan Ng Ama Ina At Mga Anak still out in cinemas nationwide! Another quality action film from RCP Production and Star Cinema!

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