Photos: Bride For Rent blogger's conference

Bride For Rent starring Kim Chiu and Xian Lim is still showing! So go ahead and watch it while it's on! Have fun and feel kilig with this new Star Cinema movie offering! And now, I would like to share to everyone on how FUN and ENJOYING was our blog-con for Bride For Rent together with it's stars and creators. I hope it will show you as well on how FUN and ENJOYING the movie Bride For Rent can be...

Here are the snapshots I got from the BFR blog-con.. please feel free to share!

Caught Xian Lim and Kim Chiu's moments of happiness on camera and I think it's worth posting. Hope you liked the shots. Anyways, to read my promo blog post about Bride For Rent, you can catch it here:
I have already seen the movie and I still highly recommend it! Please do watch Bride For Rent, still showing!
I will put up a movie review for it soon! :)

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