Kapuso stars Yasmien Kurdi and Mark Herras tells more about new TV series: Rhodora X

They are two of the first few products and pride of the reality artista search on GMA, Starstruck with the tag line: Dream, Believe, Survive.. Now, far off from being celebrity aspirants, Yasmien Kurdi and Mark Herras together with fellow Starstruck alumni Jennylyn Mercado are now reunited in an intriguing, interesting and exciting new TV series entitled Rhodora X.
Rhodora X will air starting this January 27 only in GMA Telebabad. Both Yasmien and Mark sat down for an afternoon of chit-chat at Roots and Herbs Cafe in Timog Ave QC with some entertainment bloggers, including me, to tell us more about their new show!
The two stars agreed how blessed they are to have been given the chance to have a "reunion" project together, and along with that have a show with a juicy and irresistible story. Just by their tag line "Gaano mo kakilala ang taong mahal mo.." (if I remembered it right), you will really be interested on the show's story.. Rhodora X revolves around the theme of the protagonist with a case of "DID" (Dissociative Identity Disorder) a.k.a split/multiple personality disorder. In fact, DID is one of the most controversial psychiatric disorder as it has no clarity in its diagnosis or treatment. So, I am looking forward on how thrilling the show can go.
Yasmien is confident that their show has something new and unusual to cater our local TV viewer's cravings. She said that she is happy, as an actress, to be a part of Rhodora X. Yasmien plays the role of Angela, Rhodora's sister and rival. Here is her teaser video:
Yasmien, is extremely thankful to her mother network, GMA... she said that when she asked permission to take a break from showbiz, GMA never closed their door for her and patiently waited for her comeback, "pagbabalik ka na.. sabihin mo lang.."
Yasmien also confirmed how their new show will benefit the viewers in spreading awareness about DID and what people should do if someone we know is under the same condition. Yasmien is one of the most upfront and genuine actress I have ever encountered in an interview. I was impressed on how she proudly say that Rhodora X is not your typical pinoy teleserye.. there are thrilling, creepy and unpredictable twists and turns that will keep viewers glued to the show.
Far from any role that Mark Herras had ever portrayed, he will play the character of Joaquin Vasquez, a very rich man who will be the love interest of both Rhodora and Angela. Mark said that his character now is basically the main influence of her sleek and classy look as Joaquin Vasquez is always in a corporate attire in the show.. Here is his teaser video:
MarkJen has been a well-loved love team and Mark had admitted that even if both of them are now single, he still shares a special bond with Jennylyn Mercado. He said that their relationship as friends gets deeper and deeper through the years ever since they broke-up years back. And now as they are back together as an on-screen tandem, he said that their chemistry is natural and true.
Mark said that this year he is willing to show some skin in Cosmo. Well that is something to look forward to for his fans. He is now getting more matured in the way he looks and acts, even Yasmien testified on that. Mark even said that one thing changed is that he never gets "bulol" in delivering his lines on his scenes in Rhodora X which for him is an achievement. Funny how Yasmien joked that Mark is really the "BIDA" of the show, because he is Rhodora's Ex! Hahaha!
As I have said, I have been and will always be a MarkJen fan. I have watched and followed their journey through Starstruck and I am feeling lucky to have been given the chance to encounter both Mark and Yasmien in person as a blogger. I appreciated how Mark said that they had fun with the blog con through Instagram and more so, HE FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER. How luckier can I get? :)
A salute to both Mark and Yasmien as two of the most successful stars of GMA Kapuso Network, from dreaming to living the dream. Please do watch Rhodora X, starting this January 27 only from GMA!

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