A throwback: Mighty Mau's 2013 Year-End Highlights...

2013 has been a ROCKIN' year! It has been a great year of adventures, experiences and learning. This year has been extremely great for this blog.. and now, Ms Mighty Mau dot com will give you the 2013 Year-End Highlights!

•Favorite Blog Cons
1. Star Cinema's Pee Mak blog con
- this was a chaotic blog con, but HEY IT'S MARIO MAURER! How can I not love it? ♥
2. Enrique Gil and Star Magic's King of the Gil blog con
- I was "forced" to dance, felt like it was the end of my blogging career.. HAHAHA!
3. Star Cinema's Tuhog blog con
- Well, it is a fave because I felt like it was a fun and educational blog con.. with inspiring people..

•Favorite concerts I have been to
1. PARAMORE Thrilla in Manila 2 concert MOA Arena 02/15/2013
-Aaahhh.. this is the BEST NIGHT of my life so far, I SURVIVED A ROCK CONCERT, and I am proud that I am in the mosh pit! What an experience!
2. Jessica Sanchez and Colton Dixon Smart Araneta Coliseum 02/14/2013
- A Valentine concert to remember!
3. Power of Two Aiza Seguerra and Charice Smart Araneta Coliseum 09/28/2013
- A night for music... nothing more nothing less..
4. Plugged-In Yeng Constantino Samsung Hall SM Aura 11/30/2013
- I deeply enjoyed this concert, it was definitely a trip down to memory lane.. I ♥ Yeng and her music!
5. Bryan XXV Termulo Music Museum 03/09/2013
- Bryan's successful birthday concert had proved how he is extremely talented.. ♥
•International artists I have seen
1. Jessica Sanchez
-My American Idol winner...
3. Mario Maurer
- My love.. ♥ Hi babe.. hahaha
4. Shane Filan
- Westlife has been a fave boyband back in the days.. you know it!

•Local movies I fell in-love with
1. OTJ
- brought back the action to our movie industry!
2. Tuhog
- I learned and realized a lot of things in life. Heart-warming and mind-opening...
3. Saturday Night Chills
- Aggressive and strong.. exciting and unpredictable.. free and wild!
4.She's The One
- I still need a great love story / romance flick to hold on to..
5. Shift
-The only one with thinnest line from movies to my reality

•Favorite videos I uploaded
1. EnRich video greeting: (missed seeing these two together)
3. Umiibig - KZ Tandingan (and her entire album launch videos on my youtube)
4. Pressure - Paramore (well, as I have said, BEST NIGHT EVAH)
5. Coco Martin on his new leading lady Erich Gonzales

•Favorite food trips 
1. The Breakfast Club
- my new fave dining place, always filling up my tummy with pleasure..
2. Wang Fu Chinese Cafe
3. Jjang Kkae Korean Restaurant
•Some of the AWESOME people I met
1. Alex Diaz
- a young hottie on the rise!
2. Sabrina Orial
- really the sweetest, Asia's Acoustic Sweetheart!
3. KZ Tandingan
- this girl got soul, one of OPM's jewel!
4. Ramon Bautista
- That friend-zone moment
5. Gerald Anderson
- my favorite PBB Teen housemate!
6. Joel Torre
- It was thrilling that I was able to meet him this year. A genuine actor.
7. Bamboo
- Team Bamboo, yeah?
8. Angel Aquino
- Felt like standing beside a goddess!
9. Eugene Domingo
- An award-winning actress! Oh, it felt like winning an award for myself!
10. Coco Martin
- our new Pinoy super hero, Juan Dela Cruz!
11. Yeng Constantino
- An inspiring, talented and amazing woman. One of the few genuine people in showbiz!
12. Maja Salvador
- She continues to unveil!
13. Enrique Gil
- The King of the Gil
14. Erik Santos
- The Prince of Pop, in a decade of success
15. KathNiel
-The Teen King and Queen, the most in-demand loveteam of their generation! ♥
16. Sam Milby
- impressive in improving with Tagalog, haha!
17. Eddie Gutierrez and Anabelle Rama
- Can I be a member of their family? Hahaha!
18. Rico Blanco
- Fiesto Bandido, creepin'
19. Xian Lim
- the most effective brand endorser this year..
20. Anne Curtis
- I love Anne Curtis, I honestly think she is every Pinay's peg! Hahaha!
•Favorite people I kept from 2012 to 2013... and the next...
1. Jay Perillo
- my one and only idol, forever..
2. Jonalyn Viray
- the best diva of OPM, an awesome performer and a dearest friend..
3. Alden Richards
- the Kapuso Prime Leading Man, a very good-hearted and successful young actor. My fave from GMA!
4. Bryan Termulo
- My favorite balladeer
5. Enchong Dee
- My Mr. Exclusive! The King of Hearts. He is a kid at heart and a man of wisdom at the same time.
6. Erich Gonzales
- My ever favorite! The BEST actress for me. The one I deeply support and stand for. I will always be grateful of meeting her in this lifetime.
•Favorite blogger moments
1. The Enchong Dee exclusive interview in 5 parts:
 *Enchong Dee Exclusive:
*Fast Talk with Enchong Dee
*Oh 5! with Enchong:
*Enchong as Enchong
*Muling Buksan Ang Puso with Enchong
2. Alden Richards' post-Christmas swimming with Aldenatics
3. Celebrating Erich Gonzales' birthday with her awesome supporters and fan groups!
I was actually overwhelmed as I look back on how blessed I was this past 2013and I am hoping for more this 2014... I am grateful to everyone who has been a part of the year that had gone by, the friends and family who made the year brighter and better.. Thank you to everyone who believes in this blog.. Blogging is a passion for me and I am happy to share it with you...

Thank you to my blogger FENDS for everything.. MsMightyMau.com's 2013 will not be this awesome if not for you guys.. ♥♥♥

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