Yeng Constantino took everyone to a trip down her memory lane with Plugged In!

Way before she became the Pop-Rock Princess we all love, Yeng Constantino shared the evolution of her musicality in her birthday/benefit concert Plugged In. A big music throwback showcasing how her musical taste changes through the years. Yeng said before that "music is beautiful, period." and on the night of her concert last November 30, 2013 I realized how that much is true. And here is to share some of the highlights of Yeng Constantino's one-for-the-record concert...
The Academy Of Rock Philippines band performed as Yeng's front acts! I was amazed by these kid's passion over music! They were adorable on stage! Then Yeng immediately wowed the crowd by an opening number of her 1st ever massive hit song "Hawak Kamay", who can ever forget? Yeng also performed her themesong at the moment, Roar by Katy Perry and I got a video of it:
Yeng also shared a part of her childhood when she used to compete in different amateur singing contests.. I was actually thrilled and surprised by this number. I was so used to her rocking out and getting to know her music's roots was an experience... here is the video of that performance:
One of the most enjoying part of the concert is when Yeng sang a Britney Spears, Destiny's Child and Christina Aguilera medley! Wow! The teeny-bopper years! The time when we all wanna be a Pop Star! Hahaha! That was an awesome number! I don't have a video because I was singing along with her the whole time! Yeng also shared an "angst" prod, where she sang some Alanis Morisette's You Oughta Know, sharing her growing up days when she feels emo and rejected. I kinda relate to that too.

One of my favorite highlights of the night is when Sir Rico Blanco shared the stage with her. Yeng said that there was this point where she fell in love with OPM bands, which includes Rivermaya. Luckily I was able to capture that enchanting duet:
Rico Blanco also wowed Yeng's audience with his solo spot. They also had a small talk about a collab they are planning to do in the future! Yeng also called up and performed with her bandmates since highschool. Altogether, they are called as the "Morning Glory". That is when Yeng rocked out naturally. I noticed how comfortable it was to see her rocking out with her band.
Yeng also performed with her project band Sesa, where they sang their song entitled Kalasag. Yeng invited everyone to grab a copy of Sesa's record. She also called up the kids from Right Start, a beneficiary of the concert proceeds, as they handed over guitars from Academy Of Rock, to help give the kids another recreational activity through music.
Yeng also sang her hit songs, Chinito and Jeepney Lovestory. Chinito is one of Yeng's biggest hit song of 2013... It has been the cutest OPM song for me this year. So here is a video from the concert of one of my personal fave off from Yeng's Metamorphosis album:

She was also joined by Sam Milby on stage, they performed a mash-up of Payphone and Call Me Maybe. Sam also serenaded Yeng's audience with Nakita Kang Muli, proving once again that he is the one and only rockoustic heartthrob!
Yeng also dedicated a very heartfelt song, How Did You Know, to show gratitude for the trust given to her by her entire Academy Of Rock family. She burst to tears, she was so thankful. Yeng said, she has been so blessed this year and that lead her to give back through this concert to Right Start and to Yolanda Survivors. I felt how her heart was filled with joy. That was one emotional song number.
Speaking of Academy Of Rock, opening doors to Yeng to the international music scene, starting in Singapore, Yeng performed her newest single entitled Better Than Yesterday with Singaporean rapper Sheik Heikl. The song is enjoying regular airplay in Singapore and now also here in the Philippines. Yeng also said that she already saw how beautiful the music video was. She said she can't even believe that she's the one on the video as she was totally dolled up! Exciting!
And of course, to make the night sweeter, Yeng also perfomed with "ze boyfriend Yan". Yeng and Yan seems like a power couple! They simply painted the Samsung Hall red. They sang Pag-ibig, too cute! All the best to the both of them, wishing for them both to stay happily in-love! ♥
Yeng performed a song for the survivors of typhoon Yolanda. Music can really uplift and bring too much inspiration. I was just amazed on how Yeng unselfishly shared this momentous event of her career to those who needs it. As a finale, Yeng performed Salamat.
Yeng is truly one admirable person, she truly deserves all the blessing she have and will receive. I am mighty proud that I was able to witness this awesome night of concert. Congratulations Yeng Constantino, Cornerstone, Star Magic, Academy Of Rock and to everyone behind the concert Plugged In.
For more photos of the concert you can check: Plugged In Photos
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