The Breakfast Club - Great Starts, Happy Endings

I must confess, yes I am a foodie. Eating is a hobby I love. And now, I will share a dining experience... with The Breakfast Club - Great Starts, Happy Endings (also known as TBC). They're now open to serve delectable meals from 8am until 10pm. They are located at 43 Tirad Pass St., cor. Sto. Domingo Ave. Quezon City!
My apologies for the low light photo, we decided to drop by TBC for dinner. Haha! The whole place has a cozy ambiance, a perfect place to crash in to start a busy day or to end one. It is a place where one can chill out and enjoy good food!
Sorry I am too overwhelmed of their good food so I wasn't able to get good shots that much of the place. But I will surely come back to feature TBC again here in my blog! Alright. Let's look at their menu, shall we?
A lot of great finds on their menu right? And take note, all of which are in great value too! Ever craved for breakfast meals in the middle of the day? Or even at night? Worry no-more as The Breakfast Club serves all-day breakfast meals that you will surely love! As you saw, they also have specialties for lunch and dinner, complete from appetizers to mains! And of course, the big finish... their mouth-watering desserts are also there to give tummy satisfaction!
So when I wanted to try and dine with TBC I decided to tag along Sarah, a friend. The big thing is, I haven't had any meal the whole day, so I am extremely hungry. So, with that hunger, I can't even decide on what to pick amongst all the enticing food they have on the menu. With Sarah's choice to go with Chicken Bibimbap, I then chose to go with Beef Bibimbap, hahaha! We ordered a can of sodas each, and for the Happy Endings.. she took the Lava Cake in cup with Vanilla ice cream and I had the Classic Baked Cheese Cake (I am a fan of cheese, I swear!) So there goes our order! While waiting for our food to be served, the owner of The Breakfast Club, (my ever favorite) Ms. Erich Gonzales, went inside. She greeted us with the sweetest smile and joined us on our table for dinner. We had a chance for some chit-chats and catching up..
Then that was the start of my tummy's yummy experience. Here is a look at my Beef Bibimbap, served hot.
I love Korean dishes and I must say that this Bibimbap is one for the record! It's just right, not too spicy, Erich said that you can actually make a choice if you want it mild or spicy. Best Bibimbap I have tasted so far, that is without bias! (Promise!)
Well if you don't believe me, let's look at the aftermath of my indulgence to TBC's goodness:
That was my bowl's chaotic finish! I am definitely gonna have Bibimbap again, that is, after I tried all of their other dishes as well.. hahaha! Sarah also said that her Chicken Bibimbap is equally delicious! TBC scored big time on this one...
Here is a photo of Sarah's Lava Cake in a cup:
This is the look of my Classic Baked Cheese Cake before it ended up in my tummy. Heavenly as I may say. I am satisfied way above and beyond with this happy ending!
I know you drooled just by looking at the photos, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and dine at The Breakfast Club! Yummy food in great value served by their friendly and accommodating staff in a cozy place, adding up their super nice and extremely beautiful owner, what more can you ask for? Come and bring your family and friends at 43 Tirad Pass St., cor. Sto. Domingo Ave. Quezon City from 8am to 10pm!
I am mighty proud and genuinely happy for Ms. Erich Gonzales, from being one exceptional actress to an emerging entrepreneur! Wow! She is truly one accomplished woman. I am proud to be supporting her, and I will always do. Congratulations Ms. Erich Gonzales and to everyone behind TBC! See you all again soon, I will be back for more! Hihihi! ♥

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Yep. That is one happy MsMightyMau! Thank you TBC!
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  1. slurppp.. im drooling indeed! thank you MsMightyMau for featuring the TBC of our everdearest Erich. I want to go home na so I can visit TBC and see for myself my one and only idol Erich.

  2. I will post this article MsMightyMau in PEX under Erich Gonzales:From Unang Aswang to Aswang Hunter thread#48 and onward. hihihi. okay lang ba? thank you po.