Singapore's leading TV series Point Of Entry Season 4 features Filipino stars RK Bagatsing and Bela Padilla!

The gripping action-packed TV series in Singapore entitled Point Of Entry will premiere a brand new season this December 26,2013! After a record-breaking high ratings on their third season, now Point Of Entry is now on a much anticipated Season 4!
This hit series about Team Epsilon, an immigration and checkpoints authority lead by Glenn Chua (now played by Jack Yang replacing Carl Ng) is now facing more exciting cases. New threats and villains unveils in this season as they take on a new international syndicate based in the Philippines focusing on crimes like human trafficking and drug smuggling. 
Joining the compelling ensemble of acts from Singapore are two of our very own Philippine actors. RK Bagatsing and Bela Padilla! Yes, they will join the new season of POE and it adds more to the excitement! Hoping to get POE's season 4 on another off the hook success as it begins to run this Thursday! Well, Filipinos are not that 'new' in POE as Simon Ibarra, Micah Munoz, and Karylle had also appeared in this series on the previous season!
RK Bagatsing
Bela Padilla

Congratulations RK and Bela! Go and conquer Singaporean TV! :)
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