Photo Blog: Yeng Constantino's Plugged In birthday concert!

Alright! I actually covered Yeng Constantino's birthday/benefit concert and I got photos up to over 100. So I decided to share it all in this photo blog right before I share the whole concert experience in a separate blog post. These may not be the best shots but I really thought that these are still worth sharing as Yeng is someone I deeply support in the music industry. Most of her songs has been the soundtrack of my life, and as she celebrates her birthday in advance by sharing her blessings to Right Start Foundation and the Yolanda Survivors, I am actually blessed just to be there and watch her performances! So, I do hope you can enjoy these photos as to share a bit of my thrilling experience watching the entire concert! ♥

Congratulations to Yeng Constantino, to Cornerstone, Star Magic, Academy Of Rock and to everyone behind the Plugged In concert for it's success. It was one unforgettable event that raised funds for the show's beneficiaries and awesome night of music.. A celebration of Yeng's music...

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