The Merry Musical Light Show is back in TriNoma!

TriNoma, launched the second year of Merry Musical Light Show! It kicked-off last November 9 and it will play every evening at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm at the TriNoma Garden Restaurants until January 5 of 2014! The well appreciated musical light show, a first in Quezon City, is back to entertain us more and let us feel the Holiday season! This year's light show is more fun and colorful, with color-changing spheres and Christmas lights filled around the garden area! The launch is graced by the UP Concert Chorus and Ms. Nikki Gil!
The UP Concert Chorus made us feel the spirit of Christmas by an enticing number of Christmas Carols in an all-out performance!

Nikki Gil also gave a Disney songs medley that warmed-up my heart and made me feel like a kid. We all know how kids truly loves Christmas and it is the same feeling that the Merry Musical Light show wants to share to all the kids and kids at heart.
These bunch of cute young stars were present to enjoy the musical light show! And I am pretty sure they enjoyed. I, myself was mesmerized when I saw the presentation! You should experience it! And you can enjoy it with a great dining experience as the light show was set up in the Garden Restaurants area! To be totally honest, TriNoma is one of my fave malls! It is a great place to hang out. I always watch movies in TriNoma with my closest friends and TriNoma has a great selection of stalls for shopping. Speaking of shopping I am looking forward to the Green Light Sale in TriNoma this coming November 15 to 17! Way to go for shopaholics!

Here is a documented video of the Merry Musical Light Show from our friend in

So be sure to drop by TriNoma from now until January 5, 2014 and witness the spectacular Merry Musical Light Show on their 7pm, 8pm and 9pm timeslots! :)

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