The Call Center Girl is ready to make us laugh this November 27!

A laugh-out-loud comedy film is just what we needed to uplift our spirits amidst the trials that out country has been facing. In line to the 20th year celebration of Star Cinema, together with Skylight films, they are offering an early Christmas gift for everyone... Call Center Girl, in cinemas this November 27! Starring our well-loved Mamang Pokwang, Jessy Mendiola, Enchong Dee, John Lapus, Ejay Falcon, Alex Castro, Arron Villaflor, K Brosas, Chokoleit, Dianne Medina and many more directed by Don Cuaresma!
*here's the film trailer:
The cast said that they had their realization in the call center industry as call center agents are modern heroes like OFWs, the casts said that they have learned to value the call center industry now more than ever. Enchong Dee said that he tried looking online on the businesses that has stable earnings and the result leads to a call center business. For someone who works in the call center industry for almost 4 years now, I am happy that they see the value of the call center agents. Having an entire movie about this industry is definitely a big improvement.
Sweet John Lapus also said that what he appreciated the most in the BPO industry is that there is no discrimination. Be it that you are old, young, good-looking or not and whatever your gender preferences are, you are welcome in this job field as long as you can speak..
The movie's creators explained that at the heart of this movie is still a family story having Pokwang and Jessy's mother-daughter relationship on the spotlight. It is about time that Mamang Pokwang comes out on comedy movies more as a lead/title role as she extremely deserves it! She is one of my ever favorite comedienne!
Let us all watch Call Center Girl as I am highly proud to be a part of the BPO milieu, I invite everyone to take a peek of our life as agents.. you will now see our world. Along with that, I am real sure that this is one laugh-out-loud comedy film that will also touch our hearts. Let us go out and watch Call Center Girl in cinemas this November 27 and for a moment let us forget all the worries and laugh.

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