Project Headshot Clinic Unite 2013

I am feeling really proud. This is my second year to be a part of Project Headshot Clinic Unite and this 2013, I have realized that I may not be a pioneer advocate but, I am part of the people who had been captured by the advocacy's spread. And this year, we would like to spread this awareness campaign of Project Headshot Clinic for HIV. 
The HSC Unite 2013 blogger's event yesterday was truly engaging with the quick talk about HIV and a photoshoot was completed afterwards for the selected bloggers who supports the campaign. The project is lead by photographer Niccolo Cosme, he started this campaign and together with his team, each year they gain increasing number of support from people. The goal is to make HIV a normal topic, where we will not be afraid to speak for it, share correct information about it and to help for prevention.
This year, I did signed up to "take the test" along with some blogger friends, we were scheduled for HIV testing soon. And I will share my experience through this blog. I am deeply happy to be engaged in this advocacy this year for the second time and definitely hoping for the next up coming years. You too can be a part of Project HSC Unite 2013! How? See the details here:
You can join us on social networking sites by spreading the hashtags #zeroHIVph and #hscUNITE2013! Follow them on twitter: and like their FB page: for more details. The photos here are the HSC Unite 2013 preview shots on facebook. All photos will be released on December 1 for World AIDS Day!

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