Cinema One Originals 2013: SHIFT (movie review)

Let me start my movie review by saying that I think I have a new favorite Pinoy film of 2013! Yes, it is the NEW best of this year for me so far. Anyways, this movie review is to share the movie experience I had by watching SHIFT. An official entry to this year's Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival. I am happy that I was able to fulfill my goal and that  is to watch SHIFT in the film fest before anything else. Why? because ever since the film's lead actress Yeng Constantino and I had an interview where she told me a little bit about the film, my anticipation overflowed. And so there goes my movie-junkie self, stealing a moment right before my own shift at work starts just to be one of the few who will see the movie first as it premieres.
It was actually a jam-packed premiere! Tickets were sold out... and that alone deserves a clap. But there is more to the movie that I may not be able to explain in this blog so as early as now, I am inviting you to go out and see this movie before it's gone! And I will do try my best not to give away spoilers to preserve the movie's highlights.
Yeng Constantino and Felix Roco
directed by Siege Ledesma
Cinema One Originals 2013
Movie Synopsis:
As per their FB page: Estela, an idealistic, call center slacker is mentored by Trevor, a pragmatic, senior agent. Their interaction develops into an unconventional relationship.
For me... there are three noticeable points that the movie touched which transcends to me as an audience. 1). The struggles in choosing a career to love and be happy with, 2). The gender orientation and preferences issues, and 3). The "not all love stories have a happy ending" truth.
Allow me to give my praises to the film...
•The movie is just on the right blend. Not too heavy and not too light. It will give you just the right taste of every emotion in a natural way. I was exposed to indie films that are "out of the norm", tragic, fearless, and aggressive (I am not complaining, I like films that will puzzle you and make you think.) but this movie has the most sincere attack, (in all the Pinoy movies I have seen this year) it aims to move you in a normal way. It tells the most truthful story that is transparent to real life. Natural na natural at may puso ang kwento. The phasing is smooth. The language used in the dialogues by the characters is trendy and current. They executed events in real life on the big screen. Each moviegoers can relate in one way or another.
•I would like to commend how the "social media", chat rooms, messenger and even Facebook are showcased in the film. Reppin' this generation's forms of communication. It's a plus for me.
•To everyone who will watch the film, I appreciate the camera angles and focal points in each scenes were delivered. Malinis. Klaro.Congrats and KUDOS to Direk and the entire crew! :)
•The supporting cast is the real deal, from someone who actually move within the call center industry in real life, the OM, TL, the whole team, the team competition and even the stats manipulation are exactly true to life. The casting showed how call centers are filled with different types of people from different walks of life.
•The movie soundtrack is beyond awesome! Grabe! The musical scoring was fantastic. Yeng's full song performance on the film ala-music video was just wow! Breath-taking scene where Estela is pouring her heart out through a song : Bipolove..
"Sana sa pagmulat ko ay nariyan ka pa..
Di lang nakayapos sa ilusyon nitong alaala..
Kailangang labanan.. pikit-matang pagsinta..
Kung sakaling bukas ay lumisan ka na..."
I hope my lyrics are correct and I wish for Yeng to release this single in radio stations and music channels! Sobrang ganda ng kanta.. tagos-puso! :)
•Mr. Best Actor, Alex Medina, one of the nicest best actor I ever met (hahaha) is one of the film's ACE for me. I just love his strong and vulgar character as Kevin which eventually shared a soft side with Estela. He has this astig expressions and actions but he throws off funny puchlines!
Kevin's confession of affection to Estela is honestly my favorite scene in the movie... "Ngayon ko lang na-realize na babae ka pala.." :) Sir Alex - YOU DA MAN! haha!
•Felix Roco, on the other hand, had an exceptional portrayal of a gay. He was so effective for his role. He was soft but hard at the same time. His eyes seems to speak the emotion on his scenes. He may not talk, but you can feel how Trevor genuinely cared for Estela. Felix is simply amazing!
Who will never fall for a Felix Roco in girls and gays alike? So I guess we can't blame Estela! Nakakakilig din naman talaga ang EsTrevor ♥ hahaha
•The star of the film, the ACTRESS/Pop Rock Princess Ms. Yeng Constantino has exceeded my expectations. I would like to say that she is the PERFECT FIT for Estela and no one else can portray the role as natural, as sincere and as great as she did. Wow! She was just radiating on the big screen. All the emotions that Estela offered never ever gave a hint of acting on it. Sobrang Mismo! Swak talaga eh! Natural magalit, natural tumawa, natural kiligin, natural umiyak... Aprub! Shift leaves a statement that Yeng is an actress too and I am sure that this will not be her last in front of a rolling camera.. I just wish that this film can be shown nationwide for everyone to see how great she was in the movie. Mahusay!
Congratulations to the whole team SHIFT! Watching this film made me realize a lot of things... the BIG QUESTION is "how do I see myself five years from now?". A big thank you to SHIFT's creators for bringing a film that reflects the common dilemmas of people in the BPO industry like me. Feeling ko talaga life story ko yung movie eh... hahaha! Well, you still have time to catch SHIFT in their screening schedules... I hope this blog convinced you to watch the movie.. setting common promotions aside, SHIFT is a different movie experience that you should not miss!

*here are some of the few shots I got from SHIFT's premiere...

Sadly, the lead actress, Ms. Yeng Constantino wasn't present in the premiere night because she was in Taiwan for Academy Of Rock... So, here is a photo I got from our interview last August when she was still filming shift...
*And just to add... please do grab a copy of Pinoy Magazine out now on all leading news stands nationwide, where Yeng is on the cover along with Gloc-9, Rachelle Ann Go, Kean Cipriano and Christian Bautista... thank you!

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  1. hi! do you know where can we find the movie? i really want to watch it

    1. it was a part of Cinema One Originals 2013, however it was also shown recently in the Osaka Asian Film Festival and won the best picture award.. I hope they can run another screening but as of now, there's none yet as I am aware of.. Thanks for checking this blog! :)