She's The One opens in cinemas!

Our well-loved film outfit Star Cinema continues to offer valued films in line with their 20th year celebration! Now, a fresh light romance movie is here to teach us lessons of life and love... She's The One... starring the country's grand acts.. Mr. Dingdong Dantes and Ms. Bea Alonzo along with the upcoming prime leading man Enrique Gil and the most promising young actress Liza Soberano, from one of my fave director Ms. Mae Czarina Cruz.
Well, needless to say but just by having the line-up of cast, we could tell that it's a penny-worthy film. But She's The One promises more than that. As Ms. Vanessa Valdez (one of the film's writer) said "we were coming from how technology changed the way we write romance.. dati kasi kelangan may habulan papuntang airport bago mo masabi yung feelings mo... ngayong i-text mo na lang..i love you.." Coming from that point of view... She's The One was crafted for us to enjoy... So here is the full trailer for you to take a peek...
The fresh face of Liza Soberano adds a raw energy to the film. I have seen her from the hit movie Must Be Love where she starred with the Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. And from then, I always find her as the sweet young lady. Have you heard her talk? Well, if you haven't you should... the way she talks in person is even sweeter. Haha. Liza plays as Jillian, David's bestfriend.
Enrique Gil is David Esguerra, he is the boy smitten by the girl in the rain. He is brave and he will do everything to find the girl he fell in love with at first sight. Enrique is really skyrocketing to fame. Needless to say, he is truly one of the most successful young stars of today! After the success of his TV series Muling Buksan Ang Puso, now comes a movie where he will shine in his own character! Ms. Vanessa also said that his character is intentional.. "we were saying that.. what if it takes a boy for a man to man up". Dingdong Dantes himself that when the story was given to him, he had no one else in mind to take the role but Enrique. Now the movie will let us see David's journey in finding the girl in the rain.
Dingdong Dantes plays the role of Joaqui. He was described in the movie as Tarzan (watch it to know why) and he is the best friend of Cat. He always have her beside him until David came into the picture. All the while he never realized how he values her more than anyone else. Is it ever to late to let him be true to what he feels? Dingdong is now being tagged as the "Crossover King" as he have acquired to be the King of Kapuso network but at the same time he crosses over to make a film for Star Cinema as She's The One is his third. Well, I can say he is well-loved by Star Cinema. He said that he really had fun with this project and revealed that he has another movie to come up signed with Star Cinema. That made me really excited! But for now, of course, support Dingdong Dantes as Joaqui in She's The One!
Yes, She's The One... the girl in the rain, the bestfriend... Bea Alonzo is Cat. I can say that I had seen most of her movie projects.. from Marian (Close To You), Basha (One More Chance), Mia (Miss You Like Crazy), Diane (Sa'yo Lamang), Sari (The Mistress) and Bobbie Salazar (Four Sisters and a Wedding), I can't even count on how many times she had made me cry in her flicks. Now, in She's The One... Bea is back in the big screen to make us realize that "regret is the saddest word". Cat was a lady who lost her youth due to early responsibility with her family. All this time she cared for everyone she love, including Joaqui, and had overlooked to love herself and to live her life. Not until she met David. Cat is the girl who effortlessly changed her car tires in the middle of the rain whom David fell for. I am really excited to see She's The One as I am sure that Ms. Bea Alonzo will once again make me burst into tears as she does best...
Please do watch She's The One NOW SHOWING in over 120 cinemas nationwide! Director Mae Cruz said that more to just watching She's The One, she hopes that we pick up and learn something from the lessons that they want to impart from the movie. Let us all learn to appreciate what we have before it becomes what we had. Do not miss it!

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