Love OPM: Sarah Geronimo's new sound in "Ikot-ikot"

Our well-loved Popstar Princess and "The Voice" coach Sarah Geronimo is making waves with her latest single "Ikot-ikot". I personally love the song. It's one of the Filipino tunes that will simply make you say, ang ganda-ganda talaga ng OPM! Sarah G presented a new sound, a reinvention from the norm. Waving off from ballad or pop, this new song has a RnB-ish feel that will make you feel the overflowing emotions of the song! Wow, just wow!

Here is the official music video:
An intense, heartfelt music video right? I love how they incorporated lyrical hip-hop with the song. G-Force Ram really is THE MAN! Awesome choreography! Bow down! The symbolism of the clock also makes a sense deeply about the song's meaning. All was a plus to a captivating song. The music video was beautifully executed... Congratulations coach SarahG!
Anyways, Sarah's album Expressions is still out in all leading record bars nationwide for only 350Php! Grab your copies! ♥

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