Juan Dela Cruz The Finale tonight!

I can still clearly remember that Juan Dela Cruz started airing last February 4, 2013 and it has been pretty clear that from the start of the show, until it's end I am in full support. Juan Dela Cruz as a TV show is more than just an action-fantasy series.. It has taught lessons of life and good values, it has given a sense of inspiration to everyone. The show also reflects how each and every person can have their good and bad side. The TV series has meant more than just your typical source of entertainment. And today, October 25, 2013, marks the end of another extremely successful show!
Let me take this moment to congratulate the team behind JDC, from the directors, staff and crew to the actors! The show was embraced by primetime viewers dearly! All the characters are well-loved! This show managed to put together all of the brightest stars in playing notable roles! There are too many names to mention but I would like to say that from the mortal people, to the aswangs, engkantos, and everyone else.. all of your portrayals were all appreciated! There is no doubt that JDC reigned supremely undisputed with its entire run!
Congratulations most especially to the tandem I supported from the start, Coco Martin and Erich Gonzales, CoRich.. well, who can't resist these two? They look great together and their on-screen chemistry is so natural. The JDC supporters surely hopes that this will not be the last project that CoRich will share together, but regardless on where and what will happen next, I am sure that together or not, Erich and Coco will continue to capture the hearts of many as individual artists. They are two of the most professional and exceptional showbiz personalities I have ever met and I am blessed that I met them. All the best to the two of you in life! Cheers!
Now, down to its last night, the story becomes more thrilling, exciting, gripping and interesting.. Juan's fight for good is not yet over as Peruha re-created the Anak Ng Dilim.. Adding to that their evil plans continued as they aimed to hit Juan's greatest weakness, his one true love, Rosario. Will Juan save Rosario against the stirring dark forces? Will our modern-day hero finally have a happy ending with Rosario? It is for us to find out...
PLEASE DO NOT MISS JUAN DELA CRUZ THE FINALE... tonight right after TV Patrol!
*here is tonight's episode teaser:
Know more on what Coco Martin has to say in Juan Dela Cruz' finale:

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