Avril Lavigne premieres "Let Me Go" music video featuring her husband Chad Kroeger

My musical hero, Avril Lavigne continues to mesmerize me with a whooping brand new single "Let Me Go" featuring her husband Chad Kroeger! Sweet right? Haha! Well, the song is not a teeny-bopper sweet nothing! I love her new single, it has a deep story to tell. Avril continues to captivate me as a fan! 
So since I don't want you to have a hassle of looking for it or searching it on youtube/vevo.. well here it is..
my current LSS, my new fave song.. Avril Lavigne's Let Me Go:

Of course, Chad's vocals gave a plus to the song. It was a great music video shot in a classy abode with a bit of mysterious dark feel. And, i know, it is needless to point out that Avril is so stunning in this video, she really is such a beauty. I just love her and her music! I will always be a fan!
Now, can you blame me if I am too stoked to have her latest record? After hit singles Here's To Never Growing Up and Rock N Roll.. all I can say is: I wish her record comes out! Too much of a wait but her new record's release will be on November 5! I will definitely grab it as soon as it's out, while it's hot!
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