Erich Gonzales' advance birthday celebration with Erich Gonzales World (EGW) and Team EnRich (Enchong-Erich)

Well, it has been pretty obvious that Ms. Erich Gonzales is my favorite more than anyone else! It has been almost a year now since I have started to be actively supporting her, especially through social media in each and every project she has been in. I am highly promoting her all the way...
So, as her birthday is coming up, some of her supporters and my friends from Erich Gonzales World (EGW) and Team EnRich (Enchong-Erich) planned a special advance birthday celebration which I have been a part of since day 1. It was then decided to celebrate her birthday last Sept 10, 2013 in Dulcinea Tomas Morato, QC and I highly anticipated the event.
It was even more special when we were joined by our surprise guest, Mr. Enchong Dee! Yes, I am extremely happy that we were able bring them together in this intimate event. And I cant thank Enchong enough, it was very kind of him to say YES, despite his very tiring and hectic schedule, he made his way to give time for us, and for Erich! :)
I'm for certain that all EnRich and Erich supporters too happy for this! So, no need to fiddle, here are my exclusive snapshots of Erich's advance birthday celebration with EGW and EnRich... ENJOY!
(click the photos to view them larger)
I hoped you liked the shots, these is what I can share from this fun and super kilig event. It was an achievement to have both Erich and Enchong! My heart is truly happy! I can't even explain how overjoyed I feel in spending time with two of the people I value the most in the showbiz industry. I love them both together and individually.. :)

To Ms. Erich Gonzales, I just wanted to wish you the happiest birthday... I hope you enjoyed the EGW/EnRich birthday treat! I was never wrong in giving my full support for you! You transcend a light that warms the heart. Thank you! Thank you for being bubbly, your smile can take away all the bad vibes away.. All the efforts were worth it! You will always be my favorite forever! :)

Thank you as well to Ms. Love Capulong, Sir Arlie Salagantin and Ms. Harlyn Fernandez for joining us!

Thank you to EGW and EnRich for appreciating me as a blogger and as a friend too! I love you all! hahaha! Anyways... congratulations for this! I hope everyone enjoyed!

Ooops! Watch these videos too:
Ms. Erich Gonzales video greeting for EGW
Mr. Enchong Dee and Ms. Erich Gonzales video greeting for EnRich

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  1. Thanks msmightymau for loving and supporting our beloved erich,she really is good and happy person.more power to you and GOD BLESS:-):-):-)

  2. so proud of u ms. mighty mau ^_^
    glad to have an erich supporter like u ..

    we all love erich.. and we'll support her all the way.
    Godbless po and More power :)