Oh5! with Enchong Dee (part 3 of 5)

Oh5! is one of my maintained blog series, but usually, I am the one giving out my "list of 5" in it. Now, this one is highly special as Enchong Dee is here to give us his own version of Oh5! It was indeed a big privilege for me to share this third installment of the five-part Enchong Dee feature here in Mighty Mau's Trap!
Here is the video, hope you enjoy it!
Enchong's Oh5!

• Favorite Spots
1. beach
2. swimming pool / water park
3. Egypt
4. Palawan
*photo from Google
5. home

• Food Cravings
1. hot chocolate (Jollibee)
2. salty, manggang hilaw with asin and sili
3. duhat / balig-ang
*photo from Google
4. mais / any seasonal fruits (rambutan, santol, avocado
5. fruit shakes

• Must-watch Movies
1. Click (Adam Sandler) *this is one of my fave Hollywood films too!
2. Anak (Vilma Santos and Claudine Barretto)
3. Magnifico (Jiro Manio)
4. Tuhog (Enchong's movie)
5. Four Sisters And A Wedding (another Enchong's movie)

• Most Recent LSS
1. Chinito (Yeng Constantino)
2. Best Song Ever (One Direction)
3. We Found Love (Rihanna)
4. Kailangan Kita (i haven't asked if who's version was he listening to.. haha)
5. Pangarap Ko Ay Ibigin Ka (Regine Velsaquez)

• To-do's On Your Bucket List
1. to get a diving license
2. to travel alone
3. mountain climbing
4. to take my parents to Rome
5. to have a picture with Justin Timberlake *owemgee i am in-love with JT as well! haha
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