Laugh hard and be highly amazed with Kung Fu Divas!

An unexpected tandem of our Comedy Concert Queen and Kapuso's Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is set to give us a pure surprise of laughter and great visuals in Reality Entertainment and Star Cinema's Kung Fu Divas hit theaters tomorrow, October 2! Directed by a fresh mainstream director Onat Diaz who had claimed that he had the idea of the film's story in mind and had developed it through time, which was assured to have a very interesting plot.
The production and creative team behind Kung Fu Divas bragged on how extensive this film was made in high technology CGI that will surely amaze movie goers. Adding to the laughter and entertainment provided by the film, Direk Onat was said to be very meticulous when it comes to the visual effects that the movie will offer. The story as well have a crossover from the beauty pageant industry to Kung Fu. To let you know more about the film here is the trailer:
The Kung Fu Divas cast and crew is highly excited for the film's release as they are very proud on how the movie was a product of all their hard work. As the visual effects and CGI goes, seems like Kung Fu Divas offers the BEST so far, in the movie industry and that alone can assure your money's worth! :)
Edward Mendez, the main man of the film is said to have exerted extreme effort for his character. He plays a character that mostly is topless in the entire film. An eye candy to us ladies and bekis, right? He said that as he auditioned for the role, Direk Onat immediately asked him to take his shirt off as it is highly required by his role. But more to add sizzle to the film, Direk Onat assured that Edward plays a very important role.
Ms. AiAi Delas Alas has got nothing to prove as she had films that reigned the box-office! Ms. Ai assured that Kung Fu Divas is action-packed! But we all know Ms. Ai's forte is comedy, and surely with an acting showdown with Ms. Marian Rivera, we will get the laugh we needed from the film! "Comedy is drama and drama is comedy.." as I quote Ms. Ai who have said that the downs she has been through have helped her become an effective comedienne. Ms. Ai has all praises to her co-star Ms.Marian as she treats her as a baby sister! Their tandem's chemistry is really evident! Ms. Ai said that they had a hard time filming too, "Mahirap.. Umaarte ka na green lang ang nakikita mo.."
Ms. Marian Rivera said that this is the first epic action-comedy film! Kung Fu Divas has been an adventure for Marian. It was really fresh to see Marian to work with someone from another network and be on different grounds. It was said as well that both Marian and Ai co-produced the film, "Bakit? Kasi malaki ang tiwala ko dun sa pelikula... Isa sa pagmamalaki kong pelikulang nagawa ko talaga". Marian said that she had no awkward or dull moments with Ai, she said that with her endearing and lovable personality there is no doubt how Ms. Ai has reached her fame. "Hindi madali para sa amin to.. naka-harness po kami dito, talagang kinarir po namin ang mga action scenes dito" Marian said about how hard it was in filming the film.
One good thing to add up, the team brought Chinese stuntmen, the top of the line! Wow! It will truly be an amazing experience! Also part of the stellar casts are Mr. Roderick Paulate and Ms. Gloria Diaz! Direk Onat said that their main goal is "to come up with a high quality film na mae-enjoy ng lahat.. very entertaining at masasakyan ninyo.. Napa-Oo sila Ai at Marian hindi dahil sa effects o dahil bongga, kundi dahil sa ang ganda ng kwentong inilalahad sa pelikula.."
Please support and watch another breakthrough and a sure box-office movie starring AiAi Delas Alas and Marian Rivera is a laugh-out-loud adventure! They promised to change the definition of DIVA! Be proud that Pinoys can make awesome graphics for movies! I am looking forward to watch it! KUNG FU DIVAS showing tomorrow October 2!

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