Fast Talk with ENCHONG DEE (part 2 of 5)

Alright! Now here is the second (out of five) Enchong Dee feature! This is a quick one... Well, the title stated "Fast Talk" and you may find it a bit familiar as this type of interview attack was inspired by the one and only Boy Abunda. I just wanted to try it, and I am most definitely happy how it turned out, but then I promised myself to have more words for my line up next time... Hahaha!

Let us take another step closer in getting to know Enchong better... ENJOY!
I had 10 pair of words prepared for this interview and I added the last one making it 11... I wish I had more because for me it's bitin.. but it is still a cute one..
quiet or loud?
• leader or team player?
• clumsy or careful?
• giver or receiver?
• emotional or tough? *both but clinging more on tough
serious or crazy?
• impulsive buyer or money saver?
• aggressive or gentle?
outgoing or mysterious?
• morning rooster or night owl?
• smart by heart or smart by mind?
Once again, super mega-kaduper THANK YOU Enchong for being such a fair and honest (and handsome) interviewee! It is always fun to be with you. I personally watched the videos over and over and I must say that your genuine smile is contagious! Keep inspiring people. You are more than awesome!

Please support Enchong Dee in Muling Buksan Ang Puso only on ABS-CBN's Primtime Bida and grab every magazine he is in and catch him in all of his shows near you!

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