Enchong as Enchong (part 4 of 5)

Oh my, we are almost near the end of this very special Enchong Dee feature, but this forth one is really a treat! Another fun part of the interview, allowing Enchong to tell us a little bit more about himself... beyond being a famous actor, let's discover more of Enchong as Enchong...

Here's the video interview:
Enchong said that smile can turn everything better. Food makes him happy, death can make him most sad. He usually watch movies on his free time. In keeping himself healthy he eats healthy, he exercise and drink vitamins. He is trying to be techie and his phones are the gadgets he value the most.  In spending money, he prioritizes practicability, though his own guilty pleasures are trips abroad. In the morning he usually do "mumog" before anything else, and at night he tries as much as possible to pray before going to sleep. He has no distinguished hidden talent as of now.
He prefers acting more than dancing or singing. Enchong's secret that he wanted to reveal is: "I am Superman. Sssshhh."
(photo credit to the owner)
He can't live without phone and credit card. Haha. And finally, Enchong wanted to be remembered as "the man who wants to make the world a better place everyday.."

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