Vilma Santos' Ekstra The Bit Player, NOW SHOWING nationwide!

The award-winning Star for All Seasons Ms. Vilma Santos has fulfilled a new milestone in her ultimately successful career... She stars in the highly acclaimed "indie" film, EKSTRA The Bit Player from this year's Cinemalaya film festival. From being a great indie film, now Quantum Films and Star Cinema (as celebrating their 20th year as being the biggest film outfit of the country) releases EKSTRA nationwide starting today, Aug. 14, 2013 in cinemas!

In aim to showcase the "unsung heroes" of our entertainment industry, Ekstra The Bit Player, gives something fresh to our mainstream moviegoers. "Mabuhay ang mga Ekstra" as Vilma Santos screamed.. Ate Vi said that for her over 50 years of experience in the industry, she had her own encounters with the extras, she even revealed that the daughter of her stunt double from Darna way back, was her double in her recent film, The Healing! As per Direk Jeffrey this dramedy film shows how people who work for the entertainment industry really love the work despite the hardships that comes with it, "Lahat ng tao sa industriyang ito, nagtatrabaho dahil mahal nila yung ginagawa nila, hindi lang yung mga ekstra, pati mga production people harassed din sila... hectic din yung mga pinapagawa sa kanila.. pero they stay on, kasi lahat kami, mahal namin yung ginagawa namin".
Vilma Santos said that the entertainment industry requires passion, leading to sacrifices... to be able to succeed, "Kung talagang hindi mo mamahalin ang trabaho mo sa industriya, hindi ka tatagal." Ate Vi had said that in making this film, she had a lot of fears most especially that it was an indie film, and she plays a role that she needs to be de-glamorized to effectively deliver her role. "There's no small roles, only small actors... Hindi makakagawa ng pelikula ng walang ekstra, ganun kaimportante ang ekstra..." Ate Vi and the whole team behind the film wanted to somehow give the bit players the importance that they deserve, which have been taken for granted in years. Truly a content-rich film.
Extra took awards from Cinemalaya like the Audience Choice Award - Directors' Showcase, Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for Ruby Ruiz, Special Jury Prize, Netpac (Network for Promotion of Asian Cinema) Special Award and Ms. Vilma Santos won the Best Performance by a Lead Actress for this film too, however she wasn't present at the main awards night, so last July 7, she was awarded at the grand presscon of Ekstra by Atty. Joji and Direk Jeffrey... here's her acceptance speech..
Ate Vi recalled as she cited some real experiences, like big shot actors can eat what they want to eat, they comfortably stay in their air-conditioned tents but the "extras" have one piece of bread each and a cup of coffee to endure a shooting or taping and they don't even have a comfortable stand-by area... I must admit, I am overwhelmed just by listening to the entire press conference, I even nearly got teary-eyed because on this film, all of Ate Vi's co-actors were all in unison how Ate Vi had treated them well in all her little ways, she brings food for all, she always look after, talks to and mingle with all the actors, staff, crew, even down to all the utility men. They all testified how working with Ate Vi was a humbling experience. They agreed on how Ate Vi did not made them feel her "Star" status even once. Vilma Santos as a person is indeed an inspiration!
Aside from the amazing cast of extras in the film, the richness of this movie was also from the big names of the showbiz industry who agreed to take part in making this movie on top of the game, Cherie Gil, Pilar Pilapil, Eula Valdez, Tom Rodriguez, Richard Yap, Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera! Vilma Santos was grateful to these stellar actors who agreed in taking a part of her first indie film.
Please do support the indie film Ekstra The Bit Player, now going mainstream from Quantum Films and Star Cinema. NOW SHOWING in theaters nationwide! Do not miss the chance to see a film worth your penny! Be awe-inspired by the heart of the story!

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