Tuhog Block Screening with Team EnRich (Enchong-Erich), Cheries, and FAED (Forever and Always Enchong Dee)

I apologize for the super duper delayed blog post but, I would like to still send my gratitude over to Enchong Dee's loyal supporters for inviting me over to the block screening of the movie Tuhog last July 20, 2013 at The Podium.

I admit that I am also a fan of Enchong Dee since the very first time he made me cry as Lance Tan in the movie I Do with her long time on-screen partner (and also my most favorite actress) Ms. Erich Gonzales! Enchong Dee is one of the most in-demand actor, with back-to-back teleserye, from Ina Kapatid Anak to Muling Buksan ang Puso and back-to-back movies from Four Sisters And A Wedding to TUHOG!
He truly is making mark as a sought after leading man, a heartthrob and a very effective endorser. I must say that he had a lot of projects that had done nothing but to prove that he is a purely talented, versatile actor. Enchong Dee is more to that, his kind heart and positive outlook in life are few of the reasons why I deeply admire him as a person. That also transcends on how he is surely loved and supported by his fans.
His movie Tuhog, as I have said with my movie review is the best film I have seen so far this 2013, and with that I am truly happy and honored to have watched it along with Enchong and his supporters. I got surprised from the very firs time that I watched Tuhog with some of my friends, because he bravely brushed off his boy-next-door image in this film.. and adding more to that, he showed a transparent portrayal of an aggressive youth. He is made me laughed real hard on the film.. he is amazing on this movie! Please read my movie review for Tuhog here: http://mightymaustrap.blogspot.com/2013/07/movie-review-tuhog.html
Before the block screening even started, I had the chance to have a little chit-chat with Enchong as I approached him to greet him.. We shook hands and he asked me, "Oh, ayos! First time mo ba to mapapanood?" I answered "Actually, 3rd time na'to! Congratulations ah, ang galing mo... i-blank mo na yan! hahaha!" He said, "Wag ka uupo sa masyadong malapit (sa screen) ah.. kasi baka may makita ka.. hahaha" And I as I bid goodbye, we high-fived.. :)
It is a heart-warming privilege to be recognized and acclaimed by his fans as a supportive blogger for Enchong.. especially to Team EnRich and Cheries as they have been fully close to my heart since Erich Gonzales is also my most well-loved actress... and with that being said, I must say that I love Enchong and Erich as a pair and I also equally love them as individuals.

I see Enchong every time I get invites to presscons for his projects.. but still I have always been starstruck. Here are some photos of Enchong on our encounters:
It was totally fun to watched the film with every one who supports Enchong, also present in the screening was one of my admired director, direk Manny Palo, he is Enchong's director from his new show Muling Buksan Ang Puso, Manuel Chua also came as he is part of the cast of Tuhog. And after the film, Enchong left a message to all of his supporters from EnRich, Cheries and FAED that he is truly grateful for the love and undying support that is bestowed on him by all those people behind the successful block screening.. and coming from him, "Ako po talaga ang dahilan kung bakit R-13 ang pelikulang ito.." Hahaha! 
Here are more photos from the successful BS at The Podium:
Thank you to EnRich, Cheries and FAED!
Especially to Sarah Bolina for inviting me over to the block screening, also to Adelle, Lisa, Melanie, Iya, Reean, Abby, Leah, Marvy, Grace and every one! (if ever I missed any names, my apologies..)

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