The G-Force Domination...

G-Force, one of the biggest and most famed dance company in the country, continues to surpass milestones after milestones over their strong 8 years! G-Force calls it domination..
Starting from only a girl-group, now G-Force has 5 different sub-groups that differs in genre, branding and style. Teacher Georcelle has been known to be one of the best and most trusted choreographer to the stars, she holds G-Force together and she serves as the captain of their ship..

Teacher Georcelle said that G-Force has been honing dancing skills in a G-Force way. The group's passion for dancing has been evident. She introduced Sherwin and Dayrit who are also the new breed of senior choreographers!
Now, let's talk about their sub-groups... Let's start with ladies first, shall we? They are known as the G-Force Femmes.. They are the sassy, sultry, and steamy ladies of G-Force! They can either be naughty or nice on the dance floor.. you choose..! Extremely alluring, charming and bewitching..
They pop and they lock! They got the extreme moves and grooves.. give a beat and they will own it.. They are the G-Force Poppers.. Surely you will be awe-stuck whenever they perform.. I'm talking about SWAG here... watch their video:
Twisting and twirling! Dance at it's most complex with the G-Force Uniques! Teacher Georcelle's set of contortionist for G-Force and it was said that they always go out on stage in black clothing or body paint.. That is their trademark..
With heels and fierceness on their wings, the G-Force Angels soars higher and higher! They make dancing with heels on look easy.. They got the slap and attack, they are the G-Force Angels.. Truly remarkable performers on-stage, they add the wow in pow!
Last but not the least, The G-Force Stallions, they are the scorching hot and amazingly groovy men of G-Force. They are gently electrifying as they perform! Impressive, heart-stopping and thrilling! More than good looks, their inner talent shines.. definitely they are eye-catchers on the dance floor!
Stronger, better and fiercer than ever.. G-Force invites everyone to visit their new home.. The G-Force Dance center is located at UNIT 104 & 105 G/FCORPORATE 101 BUILDING 101 MOTHER IGNACIA ST., QUEZON CITY... for inquiries you can call 0917-8-GFORCE (09178436723)
Plus, here comes the G-Force Project 2013 SEMBREAK, all Saturdays of August (starting Aug. 10), September and October.. 12 sessions of intensive dance workshop with recital..
♦ Kids Class by MYKA (5-7 Yrs old) Fee: P7,500 for 12 sessions including recital
♦ Kids  Class by JP (8-11 Yrs old)  Fee: P7,500 for 12 sessions including recital
♦ Me and My Little Force by BHE (3 - 5yrs old plus one parent) Fee: P12,500 for 12 sessions including recital
♦ Hip-Hop by DAYRIT Fee: P7,500 for 12 sessions including recital
♦ Jazz Funk by SHERWIN Fee: P6,500 for 12 sessions including recital
♦ Lyrical Hip-Hop by RAM Fee: P6,500 for 12 sessions including recital
♦ Hip-Hop by ISHII & KIM Fee: P6,500 for 12 sessions including recital
♦ Sexy Hip-Hop by RITZ Fee: P6,500 for 12 sessions including recital
♦ Zumba by RAY-AN Fee: P6,500 for 12 sessions including recital
♦ G-Force Quick Step by DEVON Fee: P6,500 for 12 sessions including recital
♦ Hip-Hop by Gelai Fee: P6,500 for 12 sessions including recital
For more info, you can also call/text 0917.8.GFORCE or log on to
Oops, there's more... they also have an instructional DVD, available now on all leading record bars, Dance With G-Force! Grab your copies and learn the moves from one of the best dance group in the industry... The DVD features our well-loved actresses Anne Curtis and KC Concepcion and the one and only Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo!
Do not be left out of this domination! Join G-Force with their dance classes... :) I am actually considering to join myself.. Hahaha! Cheers!
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