Love OPM: Zia Quizon's A Little Bit Of Lovin' (album review)

Just after the success of her first self-titled album, there is no stopping Zia Quizon in taking a rightful spot in the music industry following the footsteps of her sister Karylle and of course, her mom, the divine diva Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla. Definitely I have to commend Zia as she has her own unique style and genre; she was deeply loved because she offers a different flavor in OPM. Now, she’s back with a new album from PolyEast Records called A Little Bit Of Lovin’! A 10-track record that is surely to be enjoyed by music-junkies!
I am really lucky to be invited over her album presscon held last Aug. 13 at Sequoia Hotel, because I am a fan. She has been my lullaby to sleep since I bought a copy of her first album. Zia has never failed to amuse me with her style. I simply love her.
Here is a quick track-by-track album review:
•Under and Over
- The kick-off track itself is too satisfying! The intro gives in a sprinkle of groove and jive. I kinda feel that it’s a sensual song with its music. This sets the mood.
- A feel good track. I love the humor behind this song. The unusual lyrics make it interesting and catchy. The cuteness of the message is also a plus. A song dedicated to all the torpe out there! Haha!
*here is a live performance of Pasakalye:
•Kung Ayaw Mo Sa Akin
– A painful song about letting go of a “one-way love”. It is a perfect theme song about moving on, strongly in a positive attitude, making a statement that if someone you love does not love you back, it’s their loss not yours. (fierce… hahaha!) This song is very personal and painful even if it transcends to be firm and solid, it is definitely still a heartbreaking song in its core.
*here is a live performance of Kung Ayaw Mo Sa Akin:
•On the Run
– This 4th track gives a little taste of a rock vibe. Not a striking song for me but still it showcased Zia’s amazing vocal style.
•Seven Nation Army
– From a rock track to another one… yes, this is a Jack White original which Zia had given her own touch. Way too far from the original, Zia owned and nailed it. Fresh and too good to the ear, I surely loved it.
•Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo
– Oh my! I love this track. It has been used as a movie theme for Star Cinema’s Kim Chiu and Xian Lim feature of the same title and ever since this song has been an immediate LSS. This song, same as with Pasakalye, has a good humor but not novelty. Thumbs up!
•Katulad Ng Iba
– This is a collab track with this generation’s finest “makata” or rapper, Sir Gloc 9! A song for the purpose to support the anti-bullying campaign! A track of value inng deed!
•Little Bit Of Lovin’
– One of Zia’s own composition for the album, also used as the title song of the entire album. This is a tough song, giving a message to every man that their woman needs loving. A little bit of romance will not hurt. Great song!
*here's the live performance of Little Bit Of Lovin'
•Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran
– A classic Asin hit brought back to life by Zia. A relaxing rendition that will make you feel the heart of the song towards nature.
•Sweet Memories
– This is my favorite! I fell in love with the song from the very first time I heard it! Such a sweet love song, strikingly with Taglish lyrics! I dunno but this song has a magic that makes me feel good and light. It can take you on a pleasing trip down to memory lane. Bow down to Zia for this praiseworthy track! :)
Well, please do support Zia Quizon on her 2nd album A Little Bit Of Lovin' from PolyEast Records now available on all leading record bars! Or you can also legally download the album through iTunes here: and mymusicstore:'.html. Get it LEGIT!
Love OPM...
And don't forget to join Zia Quizon's A Little Bit Of Lovin’ Concert this Thursday Sept26, 8pm at Music Museum! Buy your Tickets now:

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