Love OPM: Sam Concepcion's "No Limitations" Official Music Video!

Our little cutie boy is gone, let's all welcome the new scorching and fiery Sam Concepcion. This is his newest music video for his latest single No Limitations.. The music video is futuristic, the song is upbeat and I liked it. I am surprised for his transformation to a more mature image.. Sam is now buff, still handsome and he seems to be fresher than ever.. Brushing off his boy-next-door teenie-winnie image, he is paired with the gorgeous Ms.Solenn Heusaff in this official music video! I never have imagined it, but hey, it worked out for me...

I am looking forward of what more Sam Concepcion can offer.. I know this young man will soar to the highest heights. I actually look at him and see an international artist.. I consider him as more like the Chris Brown of the Philippines.. I know he will sell records as nuts! What more can you ask for? He is a total package, great voice, groovy moves, he's proven to be good in acting, and he is an acclaimed charmer..
How about you? What can you say about Sam Concepcion's new image package? I guess, after all, we can't really be forever young.. but young at heart. :)

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