Love OPM: Luigi D'Avola's new single "Back To You"

(photo from FB)
The young pop star cutie Luigi D'Avola is now climbing up the ladder again, after the success of his first single "Take A Chance", which won the hearts of many youngsters; now he has a new single! Yes, I know it's pretty obvious that I am excited for his album... now he teases more by releasing another captivating single...

Well, here's the official music video and I will let you fall in love to this song...
He is indeed a legit pop star.. He got the looks of one.. a true cutie, a musician, a composer, he's got his own vocal style too.. The song is also something that sounds foreign but proudly Pinoy! Amazeballs!
(photo from FB)
Kudos young man, you have a long way to go Luigi! Well, I am still waiting for the album.. Haha!
Congratulations to Mecca Music and to my forever crush, Champ Lui Pio! Salute sir! :)

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