Love OPM: Jonalyn Viray – EP album review

Her soul-bearing voice will truly captivate anyone, her singing prowess in doubtlessly hair-raising and heart-stirring, the one and only Jonalyn Viray. She is definitely on track with her long running musical career, earning her a spot as one of the Philippines’ finest and most sought-after diva.  Now, as she celebrates another milestone, releasing new and original songs for her latest self-titled EP (not just bragging but her songs being such massive hits) let me take part as I will share my album review of this truly golden and special record…

The 5-track EP (extended play) was a collection of astounding tracks from great composers. The albu, packaging is simply minimalist but formal. Jonalyn’s gorgeous photos are to be found in the pages of the inside-spread along with the lyrics and the credentials. This record is produced by Creative Media Entertainment.
• Sa Piling Mo – A feel-good, gentle and light love song. It is a song about a pure celebration of love! I immediately fell in love with the very first track! Great kick-off for this album! The intro music itself is heavenly, adding up Jonalyn’s divine voice, oh so good! Just oozing sweetness, Sa Piling Mo is radio-friendly and easy-going too!

• Nakita Kang Muli – After the sweetness from the first track, here comes the bitterness for this album. The second track is a painful song about refusing to love someone again after being hurt. This is a song that disapproves to “love for the second time around”. Nakita Kang Muli is also the carrier single of the album and an official theme song of the Koreanovela that aired primetime before on GMA, Padam Padam. This is an easy relatable song indeed.
• You Keep Me Breathless – The 3rd track seems like a classy ballad. A love song expressing how the one you love completes you as a person. This song also showcases Jonalyn’s vocal power. It’s hair-raising and thrilling every time I hear this song!

• Help Me Get Over – The ultimate moving-on song! Everyone fell in love on this song as it enjoys regular airplay on radio and on TV as well as it is the theme song of the most controversial hit TV series of GMA, My Husband’s Lover. This song consistently tops iTunes! Painful and breaking, the song melts you down. I loved this song even before the album was released; Jonalyn was able to let me hear it play and my comment was: Aray, ansakit! Haha!
*The music video for this song will also be released soon! I'm excited!

• Hello – Okay, this is my favorite track. I’m happy that CME added an upbeat song to Jonalyn’s album. It gives an instant LSS once you hear it. Fun and enjoyable to the ear, a catchy track! It gives a futuristic feel, honestly, whenever I hear this song, it seems to be a foreign track by an international singer. I truly can’t get over this song! I love it! I am extremely hooked!
*This song is also composed by one of my fave composer, Arnie Mendaros, actually Sir Arnie worked with Jonalyn for this entire album! He’s the composer of one of my all time OPM song, Hanggang Ngayon popularized by Kyla.
Jonalyn's latest album is a worthy buy, with 5 fascinating tracks that will surely give you a grand ear pleasure! She never fails to amaze me with her vocal power and style. I am deeply proud and happy for her new album release, especially because it is already a hit! I personally recommend this new album to everyone!
Please support Jonalyn Viray's self-titled EP OUT NOW on original CDs on all leading record bars nationwide for only 199Php, produced by Creative Media Entertainment and distributed by Universal Records. You can also legally download the album from iTunes:! Stop piracy, LOVE OPM!
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