Love OPM: Zia Quizon's A Little Bit Of Lovin' (album review)

Just after the success of her first self-titled album, there is no stopping Zia Quizon in taking a rightful spot in the music industry following the footsteps of her sister Karylle and of course, her mom, the divine diva Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla. Definitely I have to commend Zia as she has her own unique style and genre; she was deeply loved because she offers a different flavor in OPM. Now, she’s back with a new album from PolyEast Records called A Little Bit Of Lovin’! A 10-track record that is surely to be enjoyed by music-junkies!
I am really lucky to be invited over her album presscon held last Aug. 13 at Sequoia Hotel, because I am a fan. She has been my lullaby to sleep since I bought a copy of her first album. Zia has never failed to amuse me with her style. I simply love her.
Here is a quick track-by-track album review:
•Under and Over
- The kick-off track itself is too satisfying! The intro gives in a sprinkle of groove and jive. I kinda feel that it’s a sensual song with its music. This sets the mood.
- A feel good track. I love the humor behind this song. The unusual lyrics make it interesting and catchy. The cuteness of the message is also a plus. A song dedicated to all the torpe out there! Haha!
*here is a live performance of Pasakalye:
•Kung Ayaw Mo Sa Akin
– A painful song about letting go of a “one-way love”. It is a perfect theme song about moving on, strongly in a positive attitude, making a statement that if someone you love does not love you back, it’s their loss not yours. (fierce… hahaha!) This song is very personal and painful even if it transcends to be firm and solid, it is definitely still a heartbreaking song in its core.
*here is a live performance of Kung Ayaw Mo Sa Akin:
•On the Run
– This 4th track gives a little taste of a rock vibe. Not a striking song for me but still it showcased Zia’s amazing vocal style.
•Seven Nation Army
– From a rock track to another one… yes, this is a Jack White original which Zia had given her own touch. Way too far from the original, Zia owned and nailed it. Fresh and too good to the ear, I surely loved it.
•Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo
– Oh my! I love this track. It has been used as a movie theme for Star Cinema’s Kim Chiu and Xian Lim feature of the same title and ever since this song has been an immediate LSS. This song, same as with Pasakalye, has a good humor but not novelty. Thumbs up!
•Katulad Ng Iba
– This is a collab track with this generation’s finest “makata” or rapper, Sir Gloc 9! A song for the purpose to support the anti-bullying campaign! A track of value inng deed!
•Little Bit Of Lovin’
– One of Zia’s own composition for the album, also used as the title song of the entire album. This is a tough song, giving a message to every man that their woman needs loving. A little bit of romance will not hurt. Great song!
*here's the live performance of Little Bit Of Lovin'
•Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran
– A classic Asin hit brought back to life by Zia. A relaxing rendition that will make you feel the heart of the song towards nature.
•Sweet Memories
– This is my favorite! I fell in love with the song from the very first time I heard it! Such a sweet love song, strikingly with Taglish lyrics! I dunno but this song has a magic that makes me feel good and light. It can take you on a pleasing trip down to memory lane. Bow down to Zia for this praiseworthy track! :)
Well, please do support Zia Quizon on her 2nd album A Little Bit Of Lovin' from PolyEast Records now available on all leading record bars! Or you can also legally download the album through iTunes here: and mymusicstore:'.html. Get it LEGIT!
Love OPM...
And don't forget to join Zia Quizon's A Little Bit Of Lovin’ Concert this Thursday Sept26, 8pm at Music Museum! Buy your Tickets now:

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Mario Maurer's "Pee Mak" showing in theaters this Aug. 28!

Thailand's highest-grossing movie of all time, earning over $33M (over 1 Billion Baht), will be shown here in the Philippines! Yes, Pee Mak will be released in cinemas this Aug. 28, it features our well-loved Thai superstar, Mario Maurer!
Pee Mak is a horror-comedy film directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun. It is an adaptation of a Thai legendary folklore, Mae Nak Phra Khanong. But this time, the movie gave a different twist to the story. The movie stars Mario Maurer as Pee Mak and Davika Hoorne as Mae Nak, together with Thai's famous gang of four, Pongsathorn Jongwilas as Puak ,Nattapong Chartpong as Ter, Auttarut Kongrasri as Shin and Kantapat Permpoonpatcharasook as Aey.

Here is the movie trailer:
As a part of Star Cinema's 20th year, they are the local distributor of Pee Mak here in the Philippines. And I am proud to say that I deeply love Star Cinema as they value the bloggers and the power of social media. More so, I am grateful because I am one of the lucky few who were given the chance to watch the movie Pee Mak on it's Philippine premiere with Mario Maurer and the director. When I first heard the news that Mario's film will be shown here, I immediately asked one of Star Cinema's promo specialist Mac Merla on when will it be released because I am really excited, that time he was yet unsure.. Then, I am surprised that more to what I am expecting, they invited bloggers for a blogcon with Mario Maurer himself along with watching the movie for it's Philippine premiere last Aug.3!
As we all know, Mario Maurer is deeply loved by Pinoys... So when the event came, the Trinoma cinema lobby was jam-packed! The sound of screams are all over the place.. it was even harder to get a good shot of Mario amidst the chaotic scene of all the media enthusiast wanting also to get a good shot of the Thai superstar, but despite of it all, I am overwhelmed because I am a fan. I am a Mario Maurer fan. I love him! He is one of the most charming person alive! Just the mere sight of him up-close is already more than enough.
The director, Banjong Pisanthanakun, said that Mario is very professional and funny. They both have already worked before for a commercial. Mario said that he is thankful to his Filipino fans and that he is happy to be back here. Mario said that his most difficult scene was the drama scene, the last part where he had to cry. Mario also said that his most memorable movie was "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" with Baifern Pimchanok, which was a breakthrough film for Mario here in the Philippines and of course, his first Filipino-Thai film, "Suddenly It's Magic" where he starred with the country's premiere actress Ms. Erich Gonzales! (Suddenly It's Magic is still available in original VCDs and DVDs)
I do not want to spoil the film to everyone who's looking forward to watch it on it's cinema release this Aug. 28, but let me share to you that Pee Mak deserves to be one of the highest-grossing Asian films ever. The movie was brilliantly crafted. It will scare you for it's generous horror elements but it will make you laugh real hard, and while you're not yet done... it will make you laugh even harder... it is one of the most hilarious film I have ever seen... even topping the game of other Hollywood movies! You really have to see this! I swear!
I have to say that Mario and Davika has a heartwarming chemistry. The pure love of Mak and Nak transcends through the film. Nak is mysteriously gorgeous and Mak is such a cutie even if he's dirty! Hahaha! I should also commend the gang of four who were extremely hilarious! They gave me a million laughs! The movie executed comedy at it's finest! Congratulations to GTH!
So, Pee Mak is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Go ahead and enjoy the movie, showing this Aug 28 in select cinemas! Do not miss it!
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Movie Review: Ekstra The Bit Player

I had the chance to watch the award-winning indie film, released mainstream, Ekstra The Bit Player. This is through the kindness of the Vilmanians,VSSI (Vilma Santos Solid International) as they invited bloggers to a special block screening of the film along with some guests, the cast and the STAR FOR ALL SEASONS herself, Ms. Vilma Santos! So now, even though I know that a lot of movie reviews were released for this film that are even coming from legit movie critics, I would like to share my own personal movie review as the film is something worth it..

Love OPM: Luigi D'Avola's new single "Back To You"

(photo from FB)
The young pop star cutie Luigi D'Avola is now climbing up the ladder again, after the success of his first single "Take A Chance", which won the hearts of many youngsters; now he has a new single! Yes, I know it's pretty obvious that I am excited for his album... now he teases more by releasing another captivating single...

Well, here's the official music video and I will let you fall in love to this song...
He is indeed a legit pop star.. He got the looks of one.. a true cutie, a musician, a composer, he's got his own vocal style too.. The song is also something that sounds foreign but proudly Pinoy! Amazeballs!
(photo from FB)
Kudos young man, you have a long way to go Luigi! Well, I am still waiting for the album.. Haha!
Congratulations to Mecca Music and to my forever crush, Champ Lui Pio! Salute sir! :)

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Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala Finale - Don't miss the last two nights!

The comeback primetime teleserye of the 'QUEEN', Ms. Judy Ann Santos, Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala is now down to its last two gripping nights! We were then called in for a grand finale presscon for the well-loved TV show.
Present in the said presscon is one of the newest kontrabida on Philippine TV, KC Concepcion who plays the remarkable role of Alexis in HKLM and of course, the queen of soap opera herself as Anessa!
The show has been acclaimed to show support in the advocacy of women empowerment as it tackles a sensitive social issue of battered wives. The fight for women's rights, to show that if you are a woman that does not mean you are weak, all you need to do is stand up and let your voice be heard. The show has given an utmost focus on that element and they are proud of how it was well appreciated by the viewers.
KC Concepcion was hand-picked by Juday for her role. She admitted that she was really hesitant to accept the offer. She said that she learned a lot in doing show, she had proven her love for her craft. "I just really want to say how thankful I am na binigyan ako ng ganitong project..." She said that she has been hearing a lot of detractors before saying that she is no good compared to her parents. "I chose to trust them (Dreamscape) because they trusted in me..." KC is  grateful to work with the most stellar actors like Tirso Cruz III and Ms. Coney Reyes along with all the cast that comprises the entirety of the show. No doubt KC had shown her own acting prowess in HKLM.
Judy Ann is extremely proud of the advocacy behind the show.. She is positive that a lot of women are enlightened by the series. She believes that more women now seek freedom, and and self-worth. Juday is happy that the show served it's purpose. And now on it's near end, she said that she wanted to end the show smiling and proud.. As everyone was surprised on it's fast-phased story, which also made it more exciting, making the avid viewers really sad for its early ending. Judy Ann said, "Maraming salamat, then again, pasensya na... may mga bagay tayong kelangang tapusin ng taas-noo... May mga bagay tayong kelangang harapin bilang tao... bilang propesyonal sa industriyang ito... Maaring ipagpatuloy pero, mauuta na ang mga tao sa panonood dahil halata ng ini-stretch ng ini-stretch yung storya... Maari din naman magkaroon ng book 2, depende sa mapapag-usapan... Depende yan sa kung ano ang hihilingin ng mga viewers... Pero sa pagkakataong ito, humihingi ako ng patawad, na kailangan kong magdesisyon na tapusin na ang isang napakagandang istorya para na rin sa kabutihan ng lahat... na mag-ending tayo ng nakangiti dahil mataas ang ratings.." Taking that, Juday admitted that it was her decision to end the show in a season only for 11 weeks, and thus making it short than the regular 13 week season. This is in trade of ending in regular time frame but taking the last timeslot for primetime.. Juday said that it is better for her to retain her spot and end early than to have a regular season where a few people will only get the chance to watch the show being aired to late at night.
For me, this decision of the queen is weighed intelligently and considering that the show indeed is unraveling thrilling scenes blow by blow every night, the show indeed is a success on its own. As we all know Juday already holds the longest running teleserye Mara Clara which ran for 5years, well.. this comeback serye of Ms. Judy Ann Santos, will end as a very successful primetime miniseries indeed.
Please continue to watch Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala, as the story reveals that the main antagonist Romulus (Tirso Cruz III) is a cross-dressing gay. A surely surprising twist! How will Anessa win this big fight against Eros, Alexis and Romulus? And what will happen to Eva Custodio (Gretchen Barretto) after her encounter against Romulus? Now down to its last two nights, only on ABS CBN Primetime Bida from Dreamscape..

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Love OPM: Jonalyn Viray – EP album review

Her soul-bearing voice will truly captivate anyone, her singing prowess in doubtlessly hair-raising and heart-stirring, the one and only Jonalyn Viray. She is definitely on track with her long running musical career, earning her a spot as one of the Philippines’ finest and most sought-after diva.  Now, as she celebrates another milestone, releasing new and original songs for her latest self-titled EP (not just bragging but her songs being such massive hits) let me take part as I will share my album review of this truly golden and special record…

Vilma Santos' Ekstra The Bit Player, NOW SHOWING nationwide!

The award-winning Star for All Seasons Ms. Vilma Santos has fulfilled a new milestone in her ultimately successful career... She stars in the highly acclaimed "indie" film, EKSTRA The Bit Player from this year's Cinemalaya film festival. From being a great indie film, now Quantum Films and Star Cinema (as celebrating their 20th year as being the biggest film outfit of the country) releases EKSTRA nationwide starting today, Aug. 14, 2013 in cinemas!

Love OPM: Sam Concepcion's "No Limitations" Official Music Video!

Our little cutie boy is gone, let's all welcome the new scorching and fiery Sam Concepcion. This is his newest music video for his latest single No Limitations.. The music video is futuristic, the song is upbeat and I liked it. I am surprised for his transformation to a more mature image.. Sam is now buff, still handsome and he seems to be fresher than ever.. Brushing off his boy-next-door teenie-winnie image, he is paired with the gorgeous Ms.Solenn Heusaff in this official music video! I never have imagined it, but hey, it worked out for me...

Barbie Forteza was surprised by family, friends and supporters on her birthday!

The young Kapuso actress Barbie Forteza was shocked and touched as her family, friends, supporters, sponsors, friends from the media and bloggers gather for her surprise birthday bash last Aug 1, 2012 at Luxent Hotel..

The G-Force Domination...

G-Force, one of the biggest and most famed dance company in the country, continues to surpass milestones after milestones over their strong 8 years! G-Force calls it domination..
Starting from only a girl-group, now G-Force has 5 different sub-groups that differs in genre, branding and style. Teacher Georcelle has been known to be one of the best and most trusted choreographer to the stars, she holds G-Force together and she serves as the captain of their ship..

The power diva Jonalyn Viray will debut as a movie actress in Cattleya An OFW Story!

Last August 2, 2013, a few of my blogger friends and I has been present to the press con of the up-coming indie film Cattleya An OFW Story to support our dearest Ms. Jonalyn Viray as she marks her movie acting debut with this film at Rembrandt Hotel in Tomas Morato, Q.C.

Ejay Falcon invites everyone to continue watching Dugong Buhay

Ejay Falcon is indeed one raw and fresh action star from the Kapamilya Network, leading the pack with Carlo J. Caparas' Dugong Buhay where he plays as the lead character Victor. Dugong Buhay continuously reigns it's timeslot as its airing was extended! Yes, a great news indeed for all of the supporters and followers of this thrilling action series!

Chef Boy Logro's birthday lunch with the kids!

The ultimately successful celebrity Chef Boy Logro, shared his blessings and gave back to some kids last July 30 in Caloocan... in a covered court, the small neighborhood enjoyed activities, games and the food from Chef Boy! A fun lunch indeed!

Tuhog Block Screening with Team EnRich (Enchong-Erich), Cheries, and FAED (Forever and Always Enchong Dee)

I apologize for the super duper delayed blog post but, I would like to still send my gratitude over to Enchong Dee's loyal supporters for inviting me over to the block screening of the movie Tuhog last July 20, 2013 at The Podium.

Juicy Cologne is Kathryn Bernardo's new scent!

Juicy Cologne, as one of the leading cologne brand here tapped one of the most bankable young endorser, the TEEN QUEEN herself, Kathryn Bernardo to endorse their 2 newest cologne variants!