Star Cinema takes a risk with Skylight Films' TUHOG!

In celebration of it's 20 years of contributing to the Philippine movie industry, Star Cinema proudly presents TUHOG from their independent film arm Skylight Films. Tuhog as a movie was categorized in "maindie" or mainstream-indie and it was hyped under the genre: black comedy. Intriguing as it is, I do believe in this movie, I support local films and I know that this film has a lot to say to every Filipino moviegoers. I feel that it is a movie of depth and substance.
Last July 9, 2013 I attended Tuhog's intimate blogger's conference.. I had the chance to sit down and chit-chat with the creators and actors of the film. The creative team, Ms. Carmi Raymundo, (writer) Ms. Jinky Laurel and the director Ms. Veronica Velasco joined by two of the main cast, Enchong dee and Eugene Domingo..

The visionary Ms. Veronica "Roni" Velasco, is a Cinemalaya award-winning director, and the director of one of my most favorite Filipino romantic-comedy movie ever, I Do (starring Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales, one of those notable films that made me laugh hard, and cry harder.. I love Lance and Yumi.. hehe!) and now, she is back with a film that will touch our hearts and make us value life. Popularized under the theme of "black comedy" where black is about a daring drama movie where the characters are dark, the events were unfortunate and the comedy part comes in reality, how we relate ourselves with the truth, how we Filipinos laugh despite our problems and challenges in life.
On how the story started, direk Roni explained, "Early 90's may nakita akong kwento sa isang tabloid na may 5 passengers na natuhog sa isang freak bus accident, so from there, dun nag-take off yung concept." She said that she was totally surprised to get a 'yes' from the producers, that they are even very supportive about making this film. Ms. Carmi Raymundo explained, "Sa ganda talaga nung materyal.. minsan lang kasi kami makakabasa ng materyal palang convinced ka na na 'kelangan tong gawing pelikula', 'kelangang mapanood ng maraming tao', 20 years na ang Star Cinema... and what better way para magpalabas ka ng ganito.. iba sya eh.. na parang after 20 years, 'tara! risk tayo'..."
One of the most acclaimed and outstanding actress Eugene Domingo, who never fails to give quality entertainment to Filipinos is now part of this edgy film, where she says that TUHOG is an indie film that each and every moviegoers will not be alienated, thus making it mainstream. Eugene said that she was so proud to have worked with the entire team behind this film, "I have to congratulate the team... they were very organized. Otherwise baka naaksidente kami, pero.. wow.. ang ayos..ang swabe.. ang dulas." Direk Roni even showed us a quick presentation of the film's trailer on how she made it smoothly organized by using the storyboard method in each and every actual scene. It showed how detailed the movie was. Eugene was also happy to have worked with her co-actors in the film, where she believed that they are actors who value and prioritize the worth of art more than fame. On what she learned from her character, Eugene said that "Ang natutunan ko talaga sa character ni Fiesta, basta nakita ko na, bubuksan ko na yung puso ko agad-agad."
Enchong Dee said that it was one of his dreams to work with Eugene Domingo, "I'm most excited about Eugene Domingo.. Nung Tanging Ina pa lang, isa ako sa mga pumila sa sinehan.. dahil gusto ko syang mapanood. Ang pinakamaganda sa kanya.. I don't think nararamdaman nya na sya na si Eugene Domingo, kasi nung nagkatrabaho kami parang contemporaries lang kami, parang magkaka-edad lang kami.."
Eugene answered, "Thank you, yun naman talaga ang gusto kong achieve-in eh!" (laughs) Enchong's character in the film is Caloy, a youth who is into a stage of peer pressure. He wanted to give up his virginity to the one he truly loves but at the same time he doesn't want to be left out. On what is his personal advice on everyone who is still in that stage of life, "If you'll lose it, make sure it's the right person to lose it with."
The writer Ms. Jinky Laurel pointed out how well we can all relate in the film, "Sa mga characters na nandito sa pelikulang ito, meron kayong kakilala o kung hindi man, kayo mismo pinagdadaanan nyo yung pinagdaanan ng mga characters namin." Direk Roni even added, "Si Fiesta, si Caloy at si Tonio may iba't iba silang representation.. Si Tonio, he is a person na, if you had to live your life to the fullest, you dream more.. sya yung nagrerepresent ng mga dreams...Si Fiesta, sya yung babae na martyr...she wants to live more. Si Caloy, since syempre bata, sya yung love more.. so parang.. dream, live, love.. yun yung characterization nila." Tonio is played by veteran actor Mr. Leo Martinez, adding up to the casts are Jake Cuenca, Empress, Manuel Chua, Nikki Valdez, Rodjun Cruz, Joe Vargas,  Maliksi Morales, Beauty Gonzales, Ariel Ureta, Noel Trinidad, Kitkat, Eda Nolan, Carla Martinez, Bodjie Pascua, Menggie Cobarrubias, Jon Achaval, Nor Domingo, Hyubs Azarcon, Nico Antonio, Allyzon Lualhati, Nicco Manalo, and Ms. Dimples Romana.
A movie that promised to remind us to value life and happiness. A film that will take us on a different movie experience! TUHOG is set to hit theaters nationwide this July 17! Please do support this movie, let's give it a chance. Let us welcome a film that can compete with Asian cinema, but then again what makes a movie stand out is at the heart of it, the story. Congratulations in advance to the whole team behind Tuhog, to Skylight Film and Direk Enrico Santos, embarking another milestone as a brand now recognized in the movie industry! To Star Cinema for 20 Years of unparalleled entertainment, more greatness to the coming years! And to the makers of Tuhog, thank you for a film that offers a different flavor. I will surely watch, more than once! Promise! :)
I am overjoyed that KZ Tandingan's Scared To Death is TUHOG's themesong! Such a perfect fit! Happy that the film is also helping her to promote her music! :)

*Sad because my photos have no watermarks.. My laptop has been reformatted. Well, enjoy the photos!


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